Saturday 19 April 2014

Dear Estate Agent

Dear Mr Estate Agent 
Can I please trouble  you to refresh your memory on the type of property we are looking for.

Minimum of 3 bedrooms by bedrooms I mean ones with a window, you can get a bed wardrobe and chest of drawers in not a converted cupboard and you must be able to open and close the bedroom door with the said furniture in place.and a little room to walk around would be a bonus.

Living room, large enough to take 2 sofas and have a log burner or the facility to take one. 

Dining room not a necessity but as an extra  large enough to take a table and chairs and dresser, would be great if it had a fire place.

Bathroom, with shower toilet and sink, if it is a fitted bath with an over shower then it must have sufficient water pressure to run the shower.

Kitchen the heart of a home, solid fuel Aga/Rayburn  or facility to take one, extras that would sway me are a butler sink I don't like there piddly little stainless steel sinks that only take 4 inches of water I want a proper sink you can sink up to your elbows in, bath the baby and do the washing.
Also in the kitchen I would love a walk in pantry, oh and mister estate agent if you could find me house with a cellar as well as the above I might even have your babies. 

Outside it has to be a rural location, with a minimum of 5 acres of pasture land with access, 
A couple of outbuildings would be fantastic. Even a small wooded area.

Services, if it does not have mains electric that's fine, but it has to have its own water supply or mains water,
There has to be private access to the property and I don't want a road frontage.

If I could get all this I would be a very happy bunny, some things I could compromise on so don't send me details of 3 bed detached town houses with a postage stamp garden.  That has a converted walk in wardrobe as the third bedroom, Situated on a busy main that you have to look both ways before stepping out of the front door.
Sending out such details is a waste of money and time, perhaps you should go to your boss and suggest that you only send out details of people are looking for the money saved could go towards the office christmas party. 

Thank you . Happy Easter.


  1. I'm surprised they send anything nowadays as when we were thinking of moving and asked to go on mailing lists we were usually told "to look on the website as that is up to date"

  2. It is a small estate agent in Wales who sends us occasional stuff through the post, we registered with them about 18 months ago, we get everything from mobile homes chalets and town houses off them they have never sent us anything near what we are looking for.
    If you tell the estate agents you are not on the internet they will add you to there postal system.
    I did actually phone this one up and say remove us from your list.
    I do tend to use primelocation when searching, and I dont it matters what agent you sign up with to sell they all use the same web sites.

  3. I'm not a massive fan of estate agents. They don;t seel you anything really. Your not going to buy a house just because the sales man was nice so why do they get to charge so much? All they do is make the deal happen and then normally at a very slow pace.


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