Friday 25 April 2014

Its Like Waiting For a Bus

We all know what its like waiting for a bus you wait ages then three come along at once, well our house sale that bottomed out last week it seems is now back on as the buyers have instructed a surveyor who is coming out next week, what there plans are we don't know neither does the agent so confused we all are over that one, we had of course put the house back on the market after hearing they couldn't proceed and we have a viewing lined up for tomorrow and another for Monday, we have spoken with the sellers in Wales and they are happy as they are doing a barn conversation and were relived they have a bit more breathing space as they didn't think they were going to be ready for when we wanted to move in, but now it seems they may have to work a few night shifts if the sale of this one is still progressing. 
Confused well I am, on the Alpaca front the agreement we had with the field owners was we could keep them there until the end of May as they had plans for the field, they are happy to delay there plans in return for some regular eggs and produce from us, we need to build the Alpacas a temporary shelter as they no longer have access to the shelter they were using so that is on the week end job list for hubby, as I am working Saturday and Sunday I am off to Bradford to our fabric supplier on a buying trip for the shop.

Yesterday I had a lovely package arrive with some Red Yacon growing tips, Yacon plants are used as a perennial vegetable, 
There is a good article about it here Yacon Plants I am interested in growing perennial vegetables so being able to find a supplier was a bonus as everywhere I tried had sold out, and finding the red ones was an even bigger bonus
They are not impressive to look at but these are just the growing tips,  I got them from Yacon Supplier there all dutifully planted up in pots now so I will keep you updated on there progress.

Hubby is just collecting a take away for tonight's dinner, I am still in treat mode then I am settling down to read a few blogs. :-)


  1. I'm just tired out reading all that. Go hide under the quilt x

  2. Oh what strange things the Yacon are/is. I've never heard of it before. It will be interesting to see how you get on with this.
    ( were the card things from you? they are lovely, very kind of you. I'm desperate to find some card making time)

  3. yes the card things were, enjoy when you have the time :-) I hope you didnt take offence


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