Monday 14 April 2014

Just A Day of Sorting Stuff

Started the day with a visit to the surgery to see the nurse, who did a lovely repair job on the damage I did to the stitches yesterday, she gave me a stern telling off, re-dressed my hand and sent me on my way.
So I thought a day of light duties was in order, I started with the seed boxes

I have two seed boxes, one is an old ammo tin I picked up in the army surplus store I got 2 for £5, hubby painted it for me and I used it to store unopened packets of seeds, my other seed box is an old index file and it is used to store part used vegetable and herb seeds.
I had lots of multiple seed packets so I bundled up some to take to a friend tomorrow, I am slowly changing all my seeds over to heirloom variety's so I can start collecting my own seeds.
Next job was the shed, It is always fairly tidy but I needed to thin down pots and trays, so I bagged up a load of them to take to the same friend along with some crop protection tunnels.
all set to be loaded into the car.

It was then time to pack some more boxes 
I got myself some fragile tape in the hope it will be noticed, still got plenty more boxes to do but the pile is growing.
So my day of light duties comes to an end, I am now off to cook dinner.

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  1. just read back through your blog and found your craft shop was near MK. Our son lived there for several years and then in Wing for the last few years and is moving back to Suffolk this week. It's a shame as I could have visited the shop when visiting him!


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