Monday 28 April 2014

Promise Of Summer Fruits

While pottering about the garden today I noticed how well the summer fruits are forming

Kiwi about to blossom

Blueberry in bloom

Plums are forming

Gooseberries swelling

Redcurrants swelling

Blackcurrant forming

I think they are further forward than this time last year as we are still in April the fruit is coming on great, promising a very fruitful summer.


  1. never count your berries until you eat them! Frosts predicted here for the weekend- Oh heck!

  2. All looks good so far then. I really want to grow kiwi fruit. Are they difficult or take a long time to come into fruit?

  3. My plant has been there for five years, it was taken from a cutting from my previous house so the plant is about 7 years old and it has been fruiting for the past 3 this will be its 4 year so not long really, if you were to get a more mature plant it should fruit the following year.

  4. We haven't got any Gooseberry's on ours yet, not even a sniff!


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