Tuesday 29 April 2014

Stitching In Time

After printing out my patten yesterday for a tunic top, I spent the evening cutting out the pattern, and today I got the fabric cut out and started putting it together, its now complete.
I was an easy Kwik Sew pattern, easy it wasn't not the pattern but the fabric its so stretchy slinky and slippy there was moments were I just had to walk away from the machine that time was spent outside pulling up a few weeds, then back in again on the machine, I refused to be beaten and I wasn't.
The next one to make will be easier as the fabric is different not as slippy and slinky.
I am impressed with the patterns that you print off, all the details are there and they come out perfect.
I did get some bread baked today and made a lovely Seafood Chowder for dinner.
On Sunday hubby put up a temporary shelter for the Alpacas and last night he went over to paint it, this morning when I went to give them breakfast there coming to meet me was a white Alpaca with brown paint all down one side, so three guesses what he was doing after hubby left them last night.


  1. Good for you for seeing that sewing project through. That is funny about the brown on the alpaca! Nancy

  2. It is beautiful, I wasn't really keen on the material but now I see the top it is perfect. You have a really good eye!

  3. Nancy He looked very sheepish with his brown strak, I think it will come ou over time,

    Paid in Chickens, funny my friend wasnt keen on the fabric either but now loves the top.


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