Monday 28 April 2014

Bargain Fabric

Yesterday I was up in Bradford meeting with one of our fabric suppliers, seeing new ranges of fabric and shopping for the shop, we always pop into the suppliers shop after these trips and there on special offer at £1.65m was these lovely jersey knit fabrics 
I couldn't pass up a bargain like that, they have a lovely softy silky feel to them as well, so a couple of meters were purchased of each, I fancied doing a tunic top from them with long sleeves, all my patterns are packed and the box is in storage and not being one for shopping at the city centre, and having to spend ages going through pattern books trying to decide then finding the pattern I like is about £10, I had a look on line and came across this site Sewing Patterns you buy and download your pattern instantly and print it out, I tried one of there freebies to start with and set it up to print on A3, yes its all in sheets you have to put together, but that is no hardship and it was just like a real pattern with the instructions fabric layout different sizes the works, so I purchased a pattern for $2.99 for a tunic, it printed out on 18 sheets I didn't bother printing out the trousers but saved them for another time.
Here it is all laid out ready to taped together and cut out, all the pages are marked telling you what order they go in, its a lot easier than spending hours at the shops and cheaper.
Right off to cut my pattern out so I can get started tomorrow. :-)

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