Sunday 13 April 2014

A Bit Of A Set Back

The day started out great, sunshine and blue sky, we walked the Alpacas through the village only 2 people stopped for photos this time, but they still generated a fair amount of interest from passing cars, walkers and all those cyclists who were taking part in a road race, when we got back to the paddock I wanted to check there hooves and give them a bit of a trim, big mistake I ended up ripping open 2 of my stitches, I didnt fancy a day in A & E so we did a repair with steri strips and I will pop along to the surgery tomorrow to see if the nurse can repair the damage, I donth think I am going to get my stitches out on Thursday now. So I have spent the day being extra carefull not to do more damage, so no weeding, no gardening, no clearing the pond, packing or cooking.
Hubby decided to clean the consevetory windows, while I sat inside and pointed out the bits he missed while reading a book.
Dirty windows

Clean Windows

He then set about cutting the grass, while I went and played with my sewing machine, I thought I would get my challange blocks done, we were given a templete for the center of a crazy patchwork block  and had to make some blocks up, I have done 2 8inch blocks and a 14 inch block.
crazy patchwork blocks.

 Dont know what the blocks will become yet, they were fun to do and used up some of my fabric stash.
Having  day of sunshine has ment I have put into use the solar kettle, its handy on days like this as I can make my endless cups of tea without having the expense of using fuel.
Solar Kettle
Hubby is now making dinner, we are trying to clear the freezer down, I found some veal T-bone steaks tucked in the back so we are having them with roasted butternut squash, the last one we have in storage. 
I am off down the tunnel now to pick some spinach to go with dinner.


  1. A solar kettle! I've never seen that before! Last year I hoped to learn about solar cooking but we had the cloudiest, rainiest, coolest summer since we've been here. Not that I'm a fan of high heat, but I'd dearly love to take good advantage of our intense summer sun.

  2. Its a very simple kettle and boils up 2 mugs of water at a time, its ideal to have outside with me, I often boil it up if the weather is playing ball, and pour the water into a thermos ready for cooking with.

  3. I need to find out about solar kettles -it looks a good idea for us here in sunny Suffolk

  4. This were I got mine a couple of years ago not expensive easy to use, its a good teaching aid as well, it has a thermostat on the top so you can see when its boiling


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