Friday 2 December 2016

Dry and Crispy

These frozen mornings are brilliant, I love them 
The ground is firm, the sky is bright,  
the grass is crisp and I love the way it crunches as you walk across it, the Animals dont seem to mind it either
 The mud is frozen so no sloshing around in the pig enclosure
 Good morning piggy
Connie likes her breakfast alone
 The others are happy to share

 Good morning Thelma
 The chooks are not to impressed not being able to scratch up the ground.
 They settle for apples instead
 Alpacas are waiting at the fence for breakfast
 Good morning Kara

 A face to make you smile
 with the ground frozen they need hay

 Odd job has bagged his hay
 Sol waiting outside the chicken run to go back in to the house to warm his toes.
 Its just stunning.
 Bird feeders are filled for our feathered friends
 The Doves have been out and about since the Buzzard attacks

 And a pair have been nest building, the female is tucked into the back of the middle pop hole
 And the male brings lots of offering for the nest, here he is with a crispy leaf.
I really dont know if they will have success this time of year if they do it will be Christmas babies.


  1. Yup....beautiful...I'm with Sol on keeping toes warm though! x

  2. Beautiful photos Dawn, lovely to see all the animals.

  3. Still frosty but greyer this morning. I have to say, I prefer it warmer and damper as the cold affects my asthma, and has brought this wretched cold out again - it started 3 weeks ago and I'm proper fed up with it now!

    Lovely photos of the animals. I have left my bulb-planting too late as the tubs are frozen solid at present!

  4. Gorgeous.
    I love frosty mornings but here today is cold, damp and dull-x-

  5. Stunning. I love, love, love a frosty morning. I especially like the 2nd photo of Kara.

  6. I do love the look of frost in the morning. Everything sparkles in the sunlight.

    God bless.

  7. I am so envious of that frost - we have little or no frost up here and it is so annoying - we are missing all that beauty.

  8. I just love reading your blog, always so interesting and great photos.

  9. The frost is a thing of beauty, it creates a carpet of icy diamonds sparking away. Nature is wonderful. ☃

  10. Your frost is beautiful, delightful frozen world!! Meanwhile here in Australia we had 30 C where I live...still not cool for sleeping...
    Polar opposite world :)


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