Friday 30 December 2016

A Little Bit Unwell

We both got laid up tummy bugs, Martin started feeling poorly Wednesday evening and I started feeling poorly yesterday, needless to say we haven't done anything.
Yesterday was spent on the sofa in front of the fire.
I did go off to bed a couple of times to sleep it off.
Today we are both feeling a lot better, Martin has been back concreting in the Alpaca shelter.
I was still feeling a bit washed out but got a bit of sewing done.
Wednesday before bug hit I had made up a pot of soup.
I dug up a nice size leek from the garden.
 The leeks are a lovely thick size this year
chopped up with some potatoes and a bit of an onion that was sitting in the fridge, added some chicken stock and mixed herbs
Blended to nice thick creamy Leek and Potato soup.

Wednesday 29th December 1982
John and Douglas fitted up CB ariel, Molly and I went for drive around and bought petrol, coal and shopping.
Tried out CB handsets could not transmit very far.
 Jones phoned about delivery of straw, trailer and lorry load over £1.20 per bale, too dear.
 Delivery promised fro dealer who let us have 45 bales for £2 a ton cheaper, delivery within two weeks.

Thursday 30th December
Went to Carmarthen, bought coaxial cable for CB's, roasting pan, wok and CB ariel. 


  1. I'm glad you are both mending again now. A nasty bug by the sound of things. At least you were both able to rest up properly.

    That soup was great and WHAT a whopper your leek was! Mine were pathetic and never grew properly, so were like pencil leeks, but at least still tasted nice.

  2. Hope your back to good health soon, soup was perfect for You both.

  3. Good to hear that you are both getting better-x-

  4. I hope you are both back to normal soon. My leeks are good this year and the Purple sprouting Broccoli is showing lots of promise.

  5. I hope you feel better soon, if it's any consolation lots of people seem to be getting the bug. That soup look good.

  6. Thank goodness it didn't last long, hope you soon feel right again. It's over here in Suffolk and has really knocked Col out, I'm hoping I can avoid it

  7. Ewww...not nice but time spent by the fire is some consolation I suppose. x

  8. Hope you are both feeling well enough to celebrate tonight.

  9. Hope you have both returned to good health, and wishing you all the best for 2017. Vx

  10. Oh glad both of you are feeling a little better. Soup looks yum. I am leaving my leeks until next month; they don't look that big but hope they will taste nice. Happy New Year to you and Martin.

  11. Hope you feel back to normal soon! Leeks are on my list of foods to try this year.

  12. I hope you feel better! The leeks are very impressive! I hope mine turn out that good next year :)

    Happy New Year!

  13. Oh I feel,for you guys! 13 years ago, when our eldest was a baby, my partners brother came over with his kids, a day before xmas, they had gastro...we all ended up with it too! Baby was the only one who escaped due to being breastfed. It was an awful xmas that's for sure! Being an Aussie, I blamed my father in law for repeatedly wheeling out the turkey every meal for days in his super heated Scottish house lol

    Hope all is good now and best wishes for a great 2017!

  14. Hope you are much better now. Happy New Year!


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