Monday 26 December 2016

A Fishy Day

That's it over for another year, I hope you all had a good one,
After the morning feed round was done, Martin made breakfast, 
Scramble eggs and smoked salmon,
We then made inroads into the presents, there did seem a lot of stuff there, Sol had his stocking filled by the big man
 He loved tearing open his pressies
 And worked his way through his stocking
we then headed off down to the beach, it was lovely and calm and the beach was empty, the occasional dog walker arrived.
 late lunch a carrot for Sol
 we had a little picnic of sausage rolls mince pies and cake, we took along a flask as well.
 I took along my metal detector that I got for my birthday last month
 And found treasure
A strip of copper, and a walnut I found on the beach.
we returned home in time to do evening feeds,
A late dinner sat in front of the fire 
 Scallops and Chorizo
 followed by lobster with a garlic and mayo dip.
 Christmas is now over the toys are broken, but Sol did have a lot of fun, pulling out the stuffing.
I hope everyone had a nice peaceful relaxing day we did.

Saturday 25th Dec 1982
Xmas Day.
Chores all done, mother rang spoke to all, David rang, Fran rang, Mrs Coates rang.
Had breakfast, Santa left me a stocking, opened presents, had a lovely day, had dinner after Queens speech, tree looked lovely with lights. Parcel from Richard and Cheryl contained everything for xmas except kitchen sink ha ha.
Happiest xmas I can remember for a long time.

Sunday 26th December 1982
Boxing Day
Chores morning and evening.
Mother phoned to say they we home from Eileens.
Somber Day.



  1. That sounds a lovely day Dawn. The lobster looks delish! We had a relaxing day and the boys declared it to the best Christmas Day EVER! Can't ask for more than that really.Jon made the best EVER gravy to go with the turkey, honestly! Today we have our neighbour and his lady friend coming for some food late afternoon. The boys are currently out with Jon on the electric scooters we gave them as their main presents. I have to say they are fab and they are very chuffed with them.

  2. Ha, ha....we have a degutted dog toy here too. It lasted all of five minutes.
    If we lived near a beach a walk there would have been pretty high on my list of things to do.
    Glad you had a good day-x-

  3. A relaxing day here as well, no visit to the coast as I didn't have a seat belt clip for Rufus. £ decent walks in between the drizzle though. One toy was chewed up, a joint effort by Ben and Rufus as both had edgy looks and bits of green on their faces.

  4. Looks like you had a lovely day! The seafood looks delicious!

  5. That sounds like the sort of Christmas Day I would enjoy.... not so much fussing about but the hours spent quietly with my partner! Wishing you both a good and prosperous New Year.

  6. What a great set of Christmas memories. Our dogs thing look the same too!


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