Thursday 22 December 2016

Bits Of News

First bit of news, this morning, sun was just up set out to feed everyone breakfast,
First up is the Doves 
At last yippee Mrs Dove has hatched her two eggs
 If you click on the photo it should enlarge, right at the back behind the egg shell is two little newly hatched babies,
very difficult to get a photo, they are so tiny, I am perched on a step ladder and the netting is in the way.
I will get more photos over the next few days.
I have named the two new additions Peace and Goodwill although by the time they are fully grown I will not be able to tell them apart from the adults.
Today I got my Christmas cakes done

I use Nigellas Chocolate Fruit Cake, it can be eaten straight away, no need to decorate if you don't want to, a very moist fruit packed cake.
Bovey Belle called in this morning, lovely to see her, she brought along a lovely gift of her preserves and cookies.
Bad News 
Carmarthenshire has its first confirmed case of Bird Flu,
Not good, this is in my area, Lincolnshire were the first case was is a long way from here, so there must be more not yet discovered in between.
Tomorrow storm Barbara comes ashore I hope everyone stays safe.

Saturday 18th December 1982
Snow fell from 6pm yesterday until 10am today, 11/2 inches fell.
Went to Carmarthen farmers, bought 4 bags 707BOCM, then back into town to do shopping, snow on roads nearly all the way, stopped in at Binnies to buy 3 candles, took land rover with us.
John took hay round to sheep when we got back.
Marzipand cake, made batch of white bread.

Sunday 19th December
June apparently Bulling.
Mother phoned spoke to Lisa Fran and father,
Mr Sivell came and collected ram, 
told John of possible source for straw.



  1. Oh dear - this bird flu is worrying isn't it? My hens really
    do object to being confined to their chicken hut, although it is quite big. But they will hav to stay there for the forseeable future it seems.

  2. Baby doves for marvellous....and I love their names.
    Sorry to hear that the bird flu is creeping close. I hope your birds stay safe-x-

  3. I hope your hens get used to Confinement Pat. We had a big hen house (concrete shed next to the Cart Shed) with a run, so if we needed to confine them they still had plenty of room to scratch around when they were confined to barracks.

    Dawn - it was lovely to see you this morning and that mince pie kept me going until teatime! I shall think of your piscatorial feast on Christmas Day! (Envy you the Lobster). Enjoy your sewing. Can't wait to see the results.

  4. Congratulations on the two new arrivals, I hope they do well. How lovely to be visited by BB, her preserves are the best :D

  5. Eggcellent news on the dove hatching, not so good on the bird flu front. All you can do is take all the precautions that you already have in place and hope for the best. It is a bit of a postcode lottery really.

  6. Lovely news on the doves but not so on the bird flu. Thanks for the heads up and will keep up to date with the news.

  7. Oh dear, that's worrisome about the bird flu. I hope it doesn't have much of an impact! Very sweet about the baby doves.

    Merry Christmas!


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