Wednesday 21 December 2016

The Mince Pies Are Done

It must be nearly Christmas as I have done the mince pies.
there is only me that eats them, I always wait until a few days before Christmas to do them.

I did mini pasty shaped this year using the smallest of the pasty cutters in the set I got, a few spilled out, I always overfill.
I had two jars of mincemeat left over that I made last year, I used one jar, so there is one left for next year.
Tomorrow I am doing sausage rolls, and the Nigella chocolate fruit cake I do each year, the fruit is soaking ready for tomorrow.

Monday Martin dispatched one of the cockerels, 
we had it for dinner that evening.
There is still plenty left over, I am going to pop it in the freezer to use up over the holidays.
We have another 3 cockerels to do, they are not going to put any more meat on now, so its time for them to go.
Over the week end I dug out some of the ribs from the freezer
They made a lovely meal, the sauce was one I just made up as I went along.
For those who asked for some of the piquant pepper seeds they have now been sent off, ready for starting off  January/Feb time.
Thursday 16th December 1982
Took all morning to get tractor and trailer out of bottom of field.
Went logging in forestry all afternoon, arrived home too dark to unload, cleaned up kitchen in the evening,
Moll phoned, Mrs Kinchin buried, mother went.
Friday 17th December 1982
Snowed morning and evening, unloaded wood, left several large poles in yard to saw up. Mr Dudley came across to see if his speckled face ram had strayed to us.
Searched all through main flock no luck, but found him and others had got through to sheep from Dorset, got them all into yard.
Marked with red splodge on back of neck all 65 that had been with Ram, then turned them out with main flock.
 One had very bad eye.




  1. I have made NO pies yet. Only baked a batch of Mincemeat Muffins to smell wonderful in the kitchen when our viewers returned on Monday afternoon. I shall redress this imbalance tomorrow and have a session in the kitchen.

    Those ribs look yummy and your cockerel cooked to destruction (which is what seems to be necessary with them!) Still planning to come up with your card and some more apples - hopefully on the way into town tomorrow or Friday - if you aren't in I will leave them in the barn for you.

  2. I do love a good cockerel and wish we had ordered one for Christmas.
    Mince pie baking will be done here on Saturday as like you I am the only one who eats them but we have guests on Christmas day who like them so I won't have to eat them all myself-x-

  3. Love the idea of a mincemeat pasty, I always make a slice in a half standard shallow tin. I either use a sweet shortcrust or shortbread mix, if I make small pies they all bubble over. The ribs look so good, it is a while since I cooked any, like you I make the sauce up as I go so never get 2 batches the same. The cake sounds intriguing, I will look it up later.

  4. How do you know when it's time to dispatch cockerels? We have two in our spring hatch, no real crowing yet, they are dual purpose birds, so pretty big already!

    I love mince pies, I miss eating them!

  5. Those mince pies too fab and I prefer when some of it escapes a bit, gives it a lovely flavour. Great to see supporting yourself in meat :)

  6. I made my last dozen yesterday and have no mincemeant left now. I was supposed to make 24 but had a little accident so may rustle up a little more mincemeat, and keep any left over till next year, as i have some pastry left. Nothing wrong with a bit of overfill! Yummy looking cockerel and ribs!

  7. Oh your pies look sooo good and boy have you been busy this week! I love reading your old diary entries. It helps me to feel a little more focused if that makes sense :D


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