Thursday 8 December 2016

Straight From The Horses Mouth

There seems to be a lot of confusion over Bird Flu 
Firstly there is no need to panic there has not been any reported cases in the UK, its all kicking off in Europe, but because we are in bird migratory season there is a risk it could be brought to the UK.
Defra have publicised guidelines for anyone who keeps poultry or captive birds to follow.
Here is a link Defra Guidelines 

Keeping it simple, either shut your poultry into a building, shed hen house what ever and secure it so wild birds cannot get in.
If you cannot shut them in you can net an enclosed run, 
 This is the run I netted yesterday with fruit cage netting
 the whole run is now bird proofed, but its not finished, wild birds poop and will perch on top of runs and the poop falls into the run, so the top of the run has to be covered with tarpaulin or something similar, this will be done at the week end when Martin is home.
Next is what Defra refer to as Bio Hazard  prevention
 A container with disinfectant to dip your feet in when entering the poultry area or house and again when leaving.
 This is the one I am using, we had it from when we had Alpacas issues earlier this year.
If your property is accessed by vehicles you should also put down Bio mats for them to drive over, I have put one up by our entrance.
The Doves do not have to be restricted as Bird Flu doesn't effect pigeons or doves, so they say but I might just net them back in this week end. As mummy dove is sitting tight on eggs now.
 While 3 expectant dads look on.
 I am not topping up bird feeders now, I don't want to encourage wild birds into the area any more than I have to.
Oh and if you read the Defra notice you will see this 
Breach of controls is an offence, with a penalty of up to £5,000 on summary conviction and up to 3 months’ imprisonment per offence.
I hope everyone is sensible and takes measures to reduce risks of infection, its the only way to keep it from the UK. 
Everyone who keeps poultry is responsible for doing there bit.

8th December 1982
Telecom phoned to asses work done on phone, 
Baked 3 batches of bread, 3 quiches, 24 mince pies, 18 sausage rolls.
John cut panes of glass and fitted.
Set up pressure washer for cleaning out the calf house.
Finished off paperwork for solicitor.
Had letter and xmas card from mother and a card from Grace.
finished off my cards, wrapped some presents.
I also wrote to solicitor to hold everything until New Year.
Heavy hail storm during the day.


  1. Wise words but still many will already be in full panic mode. Everything looks perfect at yours, as you say the guide lines are there, just follow them.

    1. There seems to be a lot of panic out there on social media.

  2. It must be very worrying for all who keep poultry. Hope it doesn't frighten people off buying turkey and chicken for their Christmas dinners.

    1. Its the sale of meat that is worrying a lot of people

  3. It is a worry if you have birds, but following the guidelines seems a sensible way to go, just more work for you though unfortunately xx

    1. Yes a bit more work but it comes with the territory

  4. Good luck! Looks like you've done all you can.

    1. tie will tell for some it will be a long 30 days.

  5. You have taken every precaution by the sound of things. Let's hope that it stays with no infection in the UK.

    1. An outbreak in the UK will create more problems.

  6. I hope that all will be well for your various birds and birds in general.

  7. Fingers crossed nothing comes to the UK and great to see photos for others to follow. The diary entry made me smile today, getting ready for Christmas too. She also sounded very busy!


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