Wednesday 28 December 2016

Wild Things

Baby Doves 6 days old
 Martin managed to get a photo of the yesterday when mama dove came down to feed, the nest is looking very messy and mucky but we are not interfering 
Walking over the fields there is lots of areas being rutted up
 We suspect it is Badgers
 we are going to try going out into the fields at night to see if we can spot them,
Martin has been busy up at the Alpaca field shelter 
He has started laying down the concrete pad on the inside.
Today should see the last of the concrete go down.
He did do a little job for me in my cabin
 Martin got me a lovely flat screen TV for Christmas, it was his job to get it mounted in the cabin
 Perfect fit.
I have been working on a new big project, this time its for us pop over to my craft blog to see.

Monday 27th December 1982
Chores morning and evening,
went out for a drive to Cardigan, on the way went through Cenarth and stopped at some lovely falls, enjoyable day.
John fixed window on pick up, glass had come adrift from holder.

Tuesday 28th December
Chores morning and evening.
Went for a drive to Carmarthen, all shops still closed, had coffee and buns then went on to Cothi, Tally, Abergorlech then Gwenogle and home.


  1. Thanks Dawn...bow suffering from serious cabin envy! x

  2. Oooh lovely on the doves. Well done Martin so you have the TV in the cabin so you can watch craft progs and stuff. I need a radio in the cellar as I really want to do some sort of crafting this coming year as have not done that much, but I am going to be busier with the sowing and growing not Sewing seeing as I will be starting earlier this year. Must try though.

  3. If it is Badgers I hope that you can get them moving elsewhere before they get settled in.

  4. Telly is lovely that thread still my beating

  5. It must be great having Martin home to complete all those little jobs. I like the TV on or Radio as background noise when I'm crafting.

  6. Great and thoughtful gift . Fingers firmly crossed for the baby doves. I'll pop over to the craft blog for a look, thank you.

  7. I like the idea of the TV in the cabin, although If I had one in the workshop I'd loose a finger!

  8. Have serious craft cabin envy still!

    I think your digging is done by badgers digging for worms, and they will be well-established so something you have to live with.

    I loved the Journal entries. When we first moved here, Woolworths was the ONLY "big" shop and the pubs were shut all day on a Sunday, and the one at the end of Fair Lane (now demolished) had HYMNS on the Jukebox. Talk about going back into the past! I know that drive they did - it's a lovely one.

  9. Mucky nest will mean healthy guts and immune systems for those babies for sure!! I think that anyway when we let mums chook raise her babies ;)

  10. Hi Dawn please get in touch, Lara


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