Wednesday 14 December 2016

Christmas Has Come Early

Christmas has come early for the Alpacas
They have there new shelter
 As you can see they are making use of it
 Plenty of room for them and a few more, it is 24ft x 12ft.
 As well as Martin's tractor, which is not staying there
 There hay racks have to go up yet, some guttering and the IBC tanks for water, the shelter will have a concrete floor put down, we have put it on the highest area of ground, and next year the field will be divided up into four paddocks, each giving access to the field shelter.
Martin worked for 3 days in the rain putting it up, we are very pleased with it and we are thinking of something similar for the goats. 

Sunday December 12th 1982
John went through chest and trunk in back room and packed away more things.
Cleared out back room once again.
Set up cream separator and separated Celandine's milk.

Monday December 13th 1982
Three phone calls received from ministry of agri Cliff Michael, about signed forms for beef conversion scheme, mislaid found them on the clip board, then phoned again for Mr Coates phone number, John met with Nick forestry commission about calendar month in which to collect wood, £12 to end of January.  
Then went and collected wood, then into Carmarthen shopping.
I miked Celandine in the morning while John dealt with  wood, made some bread.


  1. How fantastic, he did an excellent job, they look very much at home in there already xx

  2. What a great shelter! We drive past some alpacas on the way to where my daughters horse is agisted, they have a small rudimentary shelter, they would LOVE one like that I bet!

  3. Well done Martin the alpaca home looks great. I think they love it already.

  4. What is on the floor, is it real grass or something else? I love it, really welcoming for them I bet. Well done to Martin too.

  5. Awwwww...hope you are happy in your new house little alpacas-x-

  6. That's fabulous! We seriously have to redo our goat shelters soon. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Please won't you let me see your gay racks?

    Just heard on Sky News - bird flu confirmed at a turkey farm in Lincolnshire - near Louth 😧


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