Tuesday 13 December 2016

December Poly Tunnel

I am so behind getting stuff done, this week will be spent sorting out the poly tunnels, they are looking a bit of a shambles.
 Pak Choi is still doing OK, we have been harvesting it as needed.
 The beetroot needs taking up before its gets woody.
 The onions are all growing now.
 Satsumas are ready for picking
 There is still a few lettuce
 Lemons need harvesting they are starting to drop from the branches now
Chop Suey greens and Chinese cabbage are also welcome additions to stir fry's.

the Yacon is waiting to be harvested along with the Oca, 
so I need to get out there and get things done.

Saturday December 11th 1982.
John sanded down clothes airer, then in the afternoon went and chain sawed some more logs for fire, walked and checked main flock of sheep all well.
Tried to sight fields for ploughing for barley.
Had some Xmas cards come and picture from Chris and Lisa.
Cheryl phoned, John milked out Celandine again night and morning.
phoned mother and Rev Kinchin, received money from Douglas 


  1. Oh Dawn, HOW exciting to have your own satsumas and lemons for Christmas! My onions, and garlic, are showing signs of life outside but not got round to taking a photo yet.

  2. Wow! My polytunnel is empty at the moment. What else can you grow in these winter months?

  3. THIS, just this, is exactly where I want to be. Fabulous and amazing. Thank you!

  4. Satsumas? Lemons? Oh goodness me, I am impressed.

  5. Wow I didn't have a clue that you could grow satsumas! and the lemons look fantastic as well, some lovely colour in the midst of winter

  6. Incredible Dawn, such choice at your fingertips. It's a wonderful display of produce.


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