Tuesday 6 December 2016

Catch Up News

I have a few things to catch up,
I have blog posts to do
This is suppose to be the quiet time of the year,
But my list is growing longer.
Back in November Martin started his Sloe Gin, I picked the sloes for him off the hedgerows around our place

It is almost ready for tippling and is a fantastic colour.
Some time ago I started an Orange Liqueur Gin Post Is Here 
The other day I got it strained 
 It smelled delicious and very orangey (is that a word)
The colour is fantastic, we had a little tipple of it the other evening, very warming, I am not a drinker must be the first drink I have had for a few years, it had a very pleasant taste.

 The stir fry from the other evening,
all the veg was grown by us, courgettes beans and peppers from the freezer, pak choi, Chinese cabbage and oka from the poly tunnel, onions and garlic from the stores, we had it with venison which was  a road kill that Martin butchered.
Last night we had one of our ducks that were in the freezer.
This morning at 7-45am we had a big delivery

The new field shelter for the Alpacas, a nice big 24ft one, 
It wont get erected until Martin is back at the week end, weather permitting.
It will be going in there new field area.
This has been on order for a couple of a months, they are made to order from a company in Somerset, called South West Stables.
The delivery man let at 4-30 this morning to get it to us before Martin left to go back to work, as it all had to be unloaded from the lorry. Its a heavy bit of kit.
Tomorrow I will try and get an updated post on the poly tunnel done.
Must dash things to do.
Not forgotten the Diary  as its coming up the last few weeks of it, I want to try and run it conjunction to the blog. We will have caught up date wise on Thursday.


  1. The orange one looks gorgeous, will have to try that. I've still got some lemon vodka left from last year, it's very potent. Have just made toffee vodka, hoping that tastes good.

  2. I can imagine the orangey smell, its may favourite flavour when it comes to alcohol like that. I still have some gin and vodka 'specials' from last year.

  3. I don't drink but if I did those would definitely be on my list to try....especially the orange one-x-

  4. Not a lot of free time then, by the sound of it.
    That orange drink looks so Christmassy.

  5. Keep posting the alcoholic drinks Dawn. I love the decanter. Very posh indeed!

  6. Merry Christmas alpacas by the sounds of it! Orange liqueur sounds nice. x

  7. Orangey is a word in my book. I will be interested to hear how the sloe gin works out.

  8. Love the look of the orange one! We make "chodka" here, it's a chai vodka, with vanilla beans I steep for a few weeks in vodka, then make a very strong chai spice tea ( I prefer it without the black tea, just the spices ) which I sweeten with erythritol. Then add the vanilla and strong chai to a bottle of vodka and put the lot in the freezer. My brother says he has it with lemonade, we have it with calorie free lemon or lime soda water. It's delicious as a summer drink ( xmas in Australia! ).

  9. I have made sloe gin for many years, using the River Cottage recipe which has less sugar - so it is less of a cough syrup consistency! I didn't make any this year as a lack of sloes hereabouts. The Orange Vodka sounds great - our favourite is a white spirit based (Vodka or White Rum) Raspberry Ratafia, which is AMAZING. Tamzin (daughter) has made all sorts of liquers, and says the Toffee Vodka that Sooze mentioned is brill.

    I'm glad the shed has arrived but I think that will be quite a task to move and erect it. They will appreciate that in their new fields in the depths of winter, that's for sure.

  10. Orange vodka sounds amazing! Very festive too. I am the same re list of things to do growing by the minute so my posts are a bit sporadic! Loving the new field shelter. Brilliant bit of kit.


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