Saturday 17 December 2016

Been Adrift

I don't know why but I seem to have gone adrift the past few days, before I knew its Saturday.
Anyway its been a busy few days, making the most of the fine weather.
I got the asparagus bed top dressed with 10 bags of spent mushroom compost 
And made a start cleaning down the cover of poly tunnel number 1
 There was a lot of green algae, inside and out, its been a very dampish year, if the covers are not washed down it just builds up and blocks out much needed light.
I picked the rest of the Guava berries
 They have a lovely citrus taste
I found a recipe for a liqueur I had enough to make a small bottle, it should be ready in about a month.
Mrs Dove has been sitting tight on her eggs
when she left to feed yesterday I managed to get a peek,
two eggs, not a brilliant photo I had to zoom in, I don't want to disturb her, hatching is due NOW, fingers crossed we will have 2 baby doves to spread peace and goodwill in time for Christmas.
There has been some lovely sunrises in the morning
A glorious morning the other day.
Right today's list is looming
Move the pigs there area has turned into a stinky muddy bog.
Clean out the goat house.
Clean out the chicken house.
its going to be a smelly dirty day, 👃😜





  1. Busy times for you, our main job is the huge leaves still falling from our magnolia tree, they are almost gone, but because they are so huge we can't leave them on the lawn for too long. I do love to read your post and see how well you are doing.

  2. Eeewwwww....that is a good list of smelly and mucky jobs....have

  3. We're all entitled to be a bit adrift at this time of year! I'm just planning our basic/plain food for the next few days ready for the richness of some treats. Having a nice lunch and day getting some presents today with the boys. They are outside with Jon working on the parking space, coming on a treat. We have a booking for Boxing Day for two days!

  4. I see turkey flu has been found in Lincolnshire. We are still keeping our hens in - they hate it.

  5. Great sunset photo. You can clean algae off a poly tunnel with a rope. We usually scrub it off with soapy water. It's the sunlight that makes it grow I believe

  6. There's always something to do. Loving the sound of the guava that vodka?

  7. I'm totally adrift because of going down to Hampshire. Finally made the wreath this evening, and have a few more cleaning chores before it's The Viewing tomorrow.

    Sounds like you will be having fun with all the smelly jobs to do, but someone has to do them. I loved the photos of the new alpaca parlour - I bet they will really appreciate their new shelter. Well done to you and Martin.

    I will try and pop up with a card and some more apples between now and next weekend.

  8. I know the adrift comment too, where are the days going? As Lou says, we're all entitled to it at this time of the year. Hope the mucking out went well and the pigs are on their new spot. Can't wait to hear & see what 2017 has in store for you.


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