Monday 30 November 2015

Noise, Treats and Playing

It was a noisy week end with the odd moment of chaos thrown in.
Treats were on the agenda, one of the ladies at pottery had 1kg of clotted cream for me for only £1,
well cream teas popped on the menu Saturday afternoon. The remainder of the clotted cream is being put to good use, I will post later this week about that.
 Little fella spent the week end emptying my log basket over the floor  so I could trip over the logs
 Little lady spent the week end practising her smile
 and gurgles
 Big R learnt how to make butter
 supervised by one of the girls
 he was chuffed with his butter and I let him take it home.

The girls were down the cabin making Christmas decorations 

 Big O got into finger painting
 while daughter decided she want her baby to become the incredible hulk
Big O with his finished work of art done with hand foot and finger painting
Those green feet were behind some lovely Christmas keepsake gifts,
the one that as made for me is bottom right, it will be hung on the wall in a few days.

The weather was pretty  foul over the week end just as well I have a cabin full of things to occupy everyone, and with plenty of food in the freezers and cupboards no-one went hungry.
We did take advantage of having some extra bodies around to help move the chicken run onto fresh ground for them, when the little chicken house was moved we uncovered a rats nest underneath
mother rat ran off leaving 5 young couldn't have been more than a few days old, the chickens made short work of the young, much to the disgust of Big O,
 don't think he realised chickens can be so nasty.
Now the house is back to normal and peace reigns again.


  1. What a lovely family weekend you have had, memories to be treasured for sure.!

  2. What a lovely family weekend and I love those tootsy pictures! Great idea.

    I always make butter after Christmas when the shops reduce all the remaindered double cream . . .

  3. HAHA I know people look at me strange when I tell them my chickens eat mice and moles. They never believe me.

    The green feet thing is cute and creative!!!!

  4. Looks like you had a fabulous artistic weekend! Love the little footprints, I had a birthday card with a flower made from my granddaughters hand prints. Things to treasure as they grow so quickly.

  5. Sounds full of family fun, plus loads of new skills learnt. Love the green feet a perfect gift for anyone. Chicken can be harsh, but they are protecting them selves from rats.

  6. Just my kind of weekend - food and fun! Might have done without the whole rat episode, but I guess it's all part and parcel.....:)

  7. It sounds like the perfect family weekend xx

  8. Love the baby smiles and green feet!!! Good on the old chickens !!!

  9. What a great post, it really made me smile. The clotted cream really got my attention. Is is something a do-it-yourselfer could make from scratch? It's not a typical American item!

  10. What a lovely weekend. It sounds like everyone had a great time.

  11. It looks like the family all had a lovely, happy and creative time with you Dawn! Family time is so special :-) x

  12. Sounds like a perfect weekend - so much going on.

  13. Ah yes, sadly if we live out in the country we have to harden our hearts to things like rats - and evil hens. The farmer has caught two rats this week - and does so most weeks. You have to keep topside of them or they take over. Hen food is a very attractive winter food for them.

  14. My eldest daughters children made children made hand print Christmas trees. The school had each one made into a pack of Christmas cards for parents to buy. Expensive but uniquely beautiful.


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