Sunday 1 November 2015

More Visitors

Martins brother nd girlfriend joined us this week end and brought there dog Jim along to play with Sol, as you can see they got along great
 We had stunning sunshine today so a trip to beach was taken
 The dogs had a great time together playing in the sea
 They were like best buddies 

It was lovely to spend some time together, they were both very taken with were we lived and will be back for a visit again bringing Jim with them of course.


  1. It looks like Sol and Jim had a wonderful time playing together, I bet Sol's looking forward to him coming again.

  2. Apparently a new record temperature has been set for November, as it was 72 deg. in mid-Wales (Ceredigion). I believe them. Glad you had a fab day with your visitors, and Sol had a new friend too.

    If it's like this again tomorrow, we're off to the beach again. Too good to waste this sort of weather.

  3. It has been lovely weather here in The Yorkshire Dales too this weekend - like Summer almost.
    How lovely to see two dogs getting on so well and having such a good time.

  4. Beautiful photos of the dogs, great to hear you are having good weather.

  5. How lovely for Sol to have a new buddy and a trip out too.xx


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