Thursday 26 November 2015

What A State......

I thought it would be a good idea to wash Sol's bed today,
took the cover off and found this mess
 The lining was all torn open and the filling spilling out
while the cover was in the washing machine
I found some fabric run up a new liner and filled it with the original filling 

and added this bag of filling
 or was trying too but Sol was trying to claim his bed back.
A new liner with lots of filling I think Sol finds it really comfy
His old bones need a bit of comfort.
Just waiting for the cover to dry now, 
A lot cheaper than a new bed, 
The filling was £7.99 a new bed is about £40 

Got visitors arriving tomorrow, daughter partner and kids, so I have been sorting beds for them to and sorting out food.
In between I dashed to catch the post van parcel to send off, working at the sewing machine finishing more orders.
and after filling his bed with polystyrene beads I had a bit of an indoor snow storm to hoover up.

I have had a few people ask about Oca, its otherwise known as New Zealand Yams, there texture is similar to water chestnut, and the taste is similar, they can roasted, boiled, fried and eaten raw.
Easy to grow, they can be grown outdoors in the UK.
They store well and you can grow your next crop from a few kept tubers.

I was also asked how I choose and plan what to grow for the following year, I will be starting my planning in the next week or so and will do a post on it.

That's all for today folks, off for a cuppa and settle down to watch Ben Fogle :-)


  1. I bet Sol will have a good night's sleep tonight.

  2. Hi Dawn. Watched the Ben Fogle episode last night about the Yorkshire sheep farmer's. Thought it showed the stoicism and sentiment that goes with farming. Each episode could be a series. I will be thinking of them sheep farming during the winter.

  3. Bless him - he looks very comfy :) as you say dog beds are very expensive. Jet doesn't have a bed, but after his op, he'll need to lie on a comfy bed, so I thought I'd fashion something from an old duvet and cover from Mums house. I'm not spending £40 on a bulky bed that he won't otherwise use!

  4. Sol is so lovely! I love that he wasn't patient enough to wait for you to finish re-doing the bed before making himself comfy! He's a lucky boy :-) Have a lovely weekend x

  5. Sol's new bed looks a treat. I shall now go and read up about Oca -it looked really interesting in your photograph but I wonder whether it would grow in our very damp Northern garden.

  6. Good pet beds are expensive especially for larger dogs. Thanks for the info on the Oca.

  7. awww lovely Sol. I forgot the Ben Fogle programme was on last night, this will be interesting, I read her book in the summer so it will good to 'see' her.


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