Wednesday 11 November 2015

A Lovely Birthday .....

I had a lovely birthday and thank you for a good wishes,
The day started getting wet with doing the feed rounds
Quick change of clothes cup of tea and headed out to see the dentist.
It was only a check up, I had only just got round to registering with a dentist
and was lucky to find a lovely NHS dentist, 
need a bit of remedial work a few old fillings to be replaced, 
Then I went browse around Calico Kate, lovely lovely quilting shop
12 rooms of fabric, staff were lovely and chatty.
This beautiful expensive silk fabric came home with me, its for a gift project cant tell you anymore at the moment, its going to be a bit nerve wracking working with something so expensive, but it is stunning fabric.

I had some lovely birthday gifts
 I mentioned a while ago to hubby I would like a weather station to set up in the garden and yes that's what he got me looking forward to getting it set up, its going to be really interesting to see the results.
 A lovely wooden bread board I love anything wood

 A pack of fat quarters in shades of lilac and two lovely mini jelly rolls of fabric, I love fabric
 Scented jar candle, and some Yankee scented melts I love candles
 Fun socks to keep my toes warm this winter, I love socks
A cheque to treat myself and a £100 garden centre gift card from hubby, I will enjoy using that and choosing a few special trees 

After the cards and presents it was time to get wet again walking Sol down the forest
back home do the feed rounds again in the rain 
I got dinner started and in the oven, had a cup of tea and little treat
 I do love a custard tart
and Sol got a hide chew
Then it was back out in the rain, shut all the poultry up, brought all the logs in
emptied bins, lit the fire, had a shower and spent the evening in my pj's chatting on the phone and watching a couple of programs on TV, 
A lovely day.

Now storm Abigail, I thought that was the storm that hit us last week end, I felt sure that is what they were calling it on the forecast, but it seems it coming through in the next few days, then we have a cold snap coming,  stay safe everyone.


  1. Belated happy birthday wishes to you, and what a lot of beautiful gifts. I think the hurricane is mainly West Scotland so perhaps things will be OK for you - fingers crossed

  2. Ooh what a lovely birthday you had! I so want to go and visit Calico Kate.x

  3. Sounds like a perfect day - so happy for you :)

    Yeah, have heard about Abigail. With all that fabric to keep you busy, all you need is to keep the fire stoked, and the kettle on the boil ;)

  4. Gorgeous silk fabric, look forward to seeing what you make with it. And you've had some lovely presents.

  5. What a lovely birthday - and what super gifts. In my quilting days nothing would have pleased me more than fat quarters and a visit to calico kate! Love all your gifts (especially custard tarts which I adore)! Go gently with that lovely silk fabric.

  6. What lovely thoughtful gifts you had. Sounds like you had a great day, especially if you went into Calico Kate! Beautiful material, btw. It will be inrteresting to see what your weather station says - bet it is often different to what "they" tell us on tv!

  7. Sounds and looks like a good day all round. Calico Kate,s is a lovely shop, I visit as often as I can but am on a non buying trip for a while. The silk looks lush, it is years since i made anything and I can remember sweating through the first stitches, just in case it all went pear shaped.

  8. What wonderful gifts, I'd have been very happy with any of those. I've just bought Eleanor a pair of those racoon socks, she wears them instead of slippers around the house and they keep her feet toasty warm.

  9. That sounds like a wonderful day! Happy Belated!

  10. Glad you had a nice day, the weather station sounds cool please let us know more about it, stay inside in the next few days, we should miss most of the storm in the south.

  11. Glad you had such a lovely day full of lots of things you love! :)

  12. Glad that you had such a great birthday! Happy Birthday!! xx

  13. You got a lot of fabulous gifts. I especially like the bread board. I received some silk from my son. He works for an airline and brought it back from Shanghai. I've had it for several year and am afraid to cut it, but I do pull it out and handle and admire it every now and again!!!lol

  14. Belated happy returns hope you had a lovely time. Pattypan xx


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