Monday 2 November 2015

Back In The Swing

Having visitors throws me out of my routine, its time to get myself back on track, we have had another glorious day of sunshine and blue sky ideal for being out in the garden getting some jobs done in the sunshine.
 We started the morning with some harness training the girls, 
We harness them up and fasten there leads to a bike inner tube on a fence post,
The idea is the inner tube will give some resistance and the Alpacas learn that pulling away is futile and if they step forward the lead slackens
 once relaxed we then handle them all, this will make them all easier and safer for all to deal with in the future and become use to handling for foot trimming, shearing and any medical attention they need, there is nothing worse than a stressed out Alpaca.
 we started the training last week end this time they were easier to deal with, 
in a few weeks we will start lead training them.
We don't need to do the boys as they are halter and lead trained, 
After doing a session with the girls they were released to go about there business, we got started on jobs in the garden
 I harvested the last of the corn on the cob and cleared the stalks the goats were delighted with them.
 by mid morning it was in the 20's and Martin was stripped of to waist while he was weeding
 After weeding a couple of beds I turned out the last of the compost heap onto this bed,
there is still Swiss Chard growing there, some has been picked for dinner tonight.
 By late afternoon all the beds were weeded, onions leeks and garlic were planted
 All neat and tidy again and the empty beds have been dressed for winter
There are still plenty of things growing, this is the asparagus bed with Oca, Yacon, Globe Artichokes and Jerusalem Artichokes at the far end.
This week will be lots of final harvests of things as everything now winds down.
They are forecasting rain tomorrow and as the week goes on the weather becomes more seasonal.
We sat in the sun this afternoon with ice lollies and couldn't believe its the 2nd of November.


  1. Yeah - and we'vs had snow falling on the higher mountain last Sunday. In NOVEMBER????!

    1. I could d without snow for at least another month please

  2. Hi Dawn. Your alpacas are lovely!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment!!

  3. The veg beds look great - it's a good feeling to be tidying up the loose ends ready for winter - that way you know next season will get off to a great start!

    1. next season I will be ready to go unlike this yer when it was still work in progress

  4. Your veg beds are all set for winter now, it's good to have things tidied up before winter sets in and then you're all good to go when the new growing season arrives. Lovely photos of the alpacas, I wonder how long it will take to train them.

    1. I am thinking about 6 weeks to train them

  5. I have one small bed to clear and then it will be done for a while. I do hope that we get some more balmy days.

    1. The veg garden is all done still work to do else were

  6. I love a tidy garden, the soil is so full of promise of things to come. How are the goats, as a child I always loved watching them.

  7. We have had very heavy fog here in the Dales for the last three days but my friends in Windermere report warm, sunny weather.
    Your garden is a great credit to you.


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