Friday 6 November 2015

The Best Of The Season

Note to oneself
When its raining in the morning, do ALL the outside jobs before coming indoors 
 then you wont have several hats and mitts drying in the kitchen
 and coats dripping on your just washed floor.
yes, it was a wet start to the day, and it rained all day until it was time to walk the dog then it stopped,
It hasn't been cold at all, fairly mild in fact, the only thing heating the house is the Rayburn and I haven't lit the log burner for a few weeks.
What I love about this time of year apart from the glorious colours is the longer dark nights, daytime jobs are squashed into less day time hours, but those evenings mean its time to socialise, time for hobbies, time to do some learning and researching, evenings are spent making gifts, planning for the next growing season, trying out new things, its a time of year to celebrate and enjoy.

Talking of trying new things this evening I went along to a play with clay session
It was set up in the village hall Bovey Belle came along too

 we were working with clay doing a pinch pot technique, the above photo is BB pinching her pot
 my pot was taking on a different theme of its own, 
There is a full post over on my craft blog of our work.
It was a very enjoyable session and we had a lovely evening, we have both signed up for the next session.
 I didn't have time for dinner before I went so I had it ready to cook up when I got back
diced bacon, onions diced cooked potatoes and some re-hydrated mushrooms fried up together seasoned with pepper served with bread and butter and a mug of tea.
 lovely end to the day, 
I have a stall down in the village tomorrow, everything is ready to go.


  1. I like your description of the long evenings of Autumn. I like the time indoors too - it is a great time for planning and doing. Your dinner looks yummy - maybe I'll make some for tomorrow. Your clay pot is so interesting - what a fun hobby.

  2. How lovely to have a taster session like that. I wish we had more here on the coast. Perhaps when I've mastered,all the things I want to learn I will start sessions of my own.

  3. How brilliant to be able to have a play with clay session locally. I'd love to do that.
    I'm feeling a bit lost with no garden planning to do- never mind more time for reading

  4. It's lovely to hear of someone embracing the darker evenings, it's true what you say, more time for ourselves to indulge in our hobbies. The clay session sounds great.

  5. That's one of my favourite meals - real 'peasant' food, simple and absolutely delicious. I'd love to have a play with clay!

  6. Ilike the look of that scratchmeal - sometimes that sort of meal tastes better than planned meals which take hours to prepare.

  7. What a great place and way you have to dry all those wet things though! xx

  8. How did your stall go on Saturday?

  9. Oh I love drying things on the Rayburn but I really love that I can defrost bread and meat in a heartbeat. Just getting to grips with it now and really enjoying baking and cooking in it.

  10. I thoroughly enjoyed that Dawn, and it's nice to have something just up the road instead of Cardiff or beyond (in which case, I don't go!)

    I bet you were soaked to the skin this morning. We had it hammering down at the Fleamarket and were very glad to be under-cover. Our Hergom is great for drying wet clothing on - either from wearing outside or sock and knickers from the washing machine!


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