Thursday 12 November 2015

Life Is Just A Breeze .....

Life is just a breeze a tongue in cheek expression, with high winds today it was a battle
I did this video at the end of the drive when I went to walk Sol this afternoon
By the time we got back, the tarpaulin was ripped off the hay, and it was lashing down
It was a bit of a struggle getting the cover tied down again, even the Alpacas took to there shelters and just stood there and watched, I dashed round to feed them all, cut some brambles for the goats
they were happy out of the wind and rain
As I was soaked through to my undies I finished off all the outside chores
Cooked egg and chips for dinner
got dressed again to go and shut the poultry up got soaked again 
we have a yellow warning of wind for tomorrow although with showers.
Never mind it wont be long before summer is on its way :-)


  1. I have never met a goat yet that will happily go out in the rain. We have the wing gusting through the village, bowling bits of rubbish and greenery along. Not many plastic bags though! Lots of the gardens are standing with water, I am so glad that I incorporated so much drainage into mine. We have had dry spells today and it is dry now.

  2. Take care it can be dangerous out there. Essex is going to escape most of it but I will be vigilant nevertheless.

  3. I'm not sure that's where I'd want to be walking in that wind! Hope you all keep safe.

  4. That's some pretty fierce wind, I got drowned just collecting eggs and walking the dog. It's one of those days I'm glad I can forego the outside too much. Take care.

  5. Thinking of you, golly the wind here!!! Keep safe.xx

  6. I bet the goats are glad to be out of that. We've got all sorts of weather here today, rain, sun, wind and I've just spotted a rainbow.

  7. Oh dear I think that optimistic (very) comment about Summer is a bit premature but as the farmer says - we have to take what comes.

  8. I hope that you haven't any more issues with the weather! xx


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