Sunday 15 November 2015

Balls and Barrows

Did some batch cooking today,
Using one of the recipes from Pioneer Woman Dinnertime book
Ready to go freezer meatballs, one of the things I like about her books is the suggestion of making of batches of the basics ready to use in meals
The meatball recipe makes 125, well not having a family of six to feed just the two of us I halved the recipe.
 There was trays of meatballs all over the kitchen
 some in the pan being browned off
 some waiting to be browned off
 draining and cooling, once they were all done, they were popped into the freezer on there trays for a couple of hours before being bagged in portion sizes ready to use. Enough there for 8 meals.
I decided to use one lot for dinner
Using another of her recipes, meatballs in BBQ sauce, really tasty, I am impressed with the ease of her recipes, none of this fancy ingredients.

When Martin arrived home this week end he brought me another gift
I had mentioned to him a few times about having a second wheel barrow, very often he is using the one we have and I need it, he saw this one in the builders merchants and thought of me, it was from the Breast Cancer Awareness range they were selling as a fund raise. 
I think its really smart 

Tomorrow some of us bloggers are having a get together, really looking forward to it,
tea and cake and a good chin wag :-)


  1. ooohhh i LOVE pioneer woman! i've been scouring charity shops for her books but sadly no luck so far :( those meatballs look scrummy!
    It's not fair, all my lovely bloggy friends live down south so i never get to meet any of you lol, maybe next year at Woolfest :) xx

    1. Practically all of her recipes are on her website, The Pioneer Woman you can get them there! xx

  2. Mmmmm the meatballs look so good. I need to make a big batch of them soon. Enjoy your visit with blogging friends.

  3. A new wheelbarrow is what I desperately need too (but the price puts me off!) My battered old ex-builders one has a flattish tyre and is not too user-friendly these days!

    After seeing your Pioneer Women books last week I had an Amazon moment and bought the first one, and will gradually add some others I think. I'm a great fan of batch cooking too. The BBQ sauce looked really good. Sadly, K wouldn't touch it with a barge pole!

  4. Delicious.

    Wish I could be at your blogger gathering - I will be there in spirit.

  5. The meatballs look delicious, it sounds like a good book. Your new wheelbarrow is very snazzy. Enjoy your bloggy meet up, hope you all have a great time.

  6. I have the sweet and sour meatballs on the menu later on this week! The Swedish ones are good - I think I might have already said that? Great wheelbarrow for you! xx

  7. I love Ree Drummond, too. I have her Pioneer Woman Cooks book and love the Calzone, Angel Sugar Cookies! Hope you are having fun today.xx

  8. The Pioneer Woman has a TV show on the Food Network.


  9. I love meatballs they're so handy you can serve them with rice,spuds or pasta. I want a pink barrow we saw one last year.

  10. Nice wheelbarrow! I would love to have my own wheelbarrow as well but think that it is never likely to happen. Not to worry, I shall just keep using the rusty old battered barrow which has so many holes in it that it is a wonder that it stays in one piece, meanwhile quietly dreaming of having a pretty pink one maybe some time in the future!


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