Monday 23 November 2015

A November Harvest

We have had a couple of hard frosts which means its time to harvest 
Oca and Sweet Potatoes, the Oca have come from three plants I had left that I popped into a corner of the poly tunnel, we will be having some tonight added to a stir fry, they are such an easy vegetable to grow, I still have another 6 plants to harvest yet from outside, the ground is a bit sodden so they can wait until later in the week.
Oca store well and some of the tubers will be used for next years crops, they don't need peeling just wash and use. They can be eaten raw, boiled, fried, roasted which ever way they are a lovely veg.
The sweet potatoes are a good size and will make a lovely addition to meals,  we had some the other evening, very tasty, in the poly tunnel today I took out the tomato plants there was a few green tomato's, also I harvested 
Pak choi
Chili peppers
There were a few Mange Tout but I missed them off the photo,
there is still plenty of veg to harvest, Kale, Sprouts, Yacon, Spinach Swiss chard, Radish, Beetroot, Leeks, Lettuce, Broccoli, Cabbage, Jerusalem artichokes, there is more Oca to come and more PakChoi.
Creating some space in the freezer today we pulled out a big bag of bones 
 These bones all come from roast joints we have had
 to them I added some celery from the garden
 along with some leeks onions turnips carrots seasoning herbs
 its been simmering away for about 6-7 hours now I have a big pot of stock, some of the venison will have to be canned, the stock will be used for that, I will also reduced some down then I can dehydrate it, powder it and have it to hand to use as instant stock just add boiling water.
 I forgot to show the humus after freezing, once defrosted gave it a stir it tasted no different to what it did before it went into the freezer.
Today I put to good use a birthday present some fleece welly socks, being outside nearly all day they kept my feet lovely and toasty, wellies are great for keeping your feet dry but are useless at keeping your feet warm, I am now thinking of making some I have loads of fleece in the cabin.
Martin is butchering the deer at the moment, I will share that tomorrow, I now have the poly tunnel and green house all ready for winter, things are really winding down.
Soon the evenings will be spent writing lists and planning next years growing.
I love it cant wait :-) 


  1. You've got an amazing amount of veg still to harvest for this time of year, well done. All we've got left is some potatoes growing in bags in the polytunnel, leeks and a few carrots. Must try to do more next year, we need to have more crops to keep us going until Spring. Never heard of oca until you mentioned it a few weeks ago.

  2. I've never heard of oca? Did your piquante peppers mature (turn red)?

    Love the socks - we don't get really warm ones here.

  3. To say you have been busy sounds like an understatement to me Dawn. It is bitterly cold here so wrap up warm.

  4. I'll have to give freezing humus a try now. Thanks!

  5. It's great to be harvesting fresh veggies at this time of year. Wellies are so cold so your fleece liners will be much appreciated, I'm sure. Just the thing when you're outdoors for long periods.

  6. Making Humis is an art form that's for sure.

    So what is an Oca? I am unfamiliar with that name. I guess I could go look it up :)

  7. I will dig some of our oca this weekend, never tried it before.

  8. What a harvest every time i see your haul i think about getting a poly tunnel x

  9. Love the idea of making a big batch of stock.

  10. You're so organized - but then, you have been planning this time all your life, so no wonder you are on top of everything. Great harvest of foods grown for November. I have leeks in and growing, and apples stored, plus frozen stuff, but nothing I can go out and harvest. What do the Oca taste like, out of interest?

    I think fleece welly socks are a great idea and will sell well at fairs in this area!

    Good to know that hummus can be frozen. I like it, but can't eat a whole tub quickly enough not to waste some.

  11. I think me and the little one are going to harvest our oca tomorrow, hopefully I'll have loads as I've got loads of plants in and they've all seem to have done well.

  12. That's an impressive harvest still! I love the idea of you cosying up pouring over books and previous lists and planning next year's extravaganza :)

  13. I've never heard of Oca must look it up. Its lovely to see you're still harvesting. we've had one hard frost so far.

  14. Good harvest. Nothing beats home grown produce.

  15. A great harvest Dawn, I'm thinking of giving Oca a go next year & I must take a look at my sweet potatoes I'm keeping my fingers crossed for them. I didn't know you could freeze huumus, I shall give it a go next time I make some xx

  16. Looking at your sweet potato harvest Dawn prompts me to ask whether you have ever tried sweet potato and carrot soup? It is one of our favourites and so easy to make - just chop up an onion a couple of carrots and a large (or 2 small) sweet potatoes, sweat them in a little oil or butter, then add stock (I use veggie stock) and cook until tender and then whizz up in the processor. Delicious. Garnish with parsley if any left in the garden - ours has done very well this year.

  17. Dawn

    Where do you start with plotting veggies for the new year - is there any specific order plants should be planned and then either grown from seed or planted and how many plants. This is where I get lost. I love growing from seed and we have in the past had a bit of a veg garden going and not too badly but not where I have crops that over-winter. Any help would be gratefully received. My Nan and Granddad did most of the growing for the whole family, and it would be good to get something out of the garden space we have. I have not come across Oca before. What is is like and how would you use it. I do love sweet potato though and I peel chop into small squares and then blanch and freeze in trays with fresh rosemary and butter and then roast the sweet potato it is delicious. Pumpkin is too. I freeze that as well. Its lovely though to have fresh veg straight out the back door. Take care. Pattypan x


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