Tuesday 3 November 2015

Just A Little Needle.......

The day started with a call to the vet, I had phoned them yesterday regarding the goats feet, but they were all out on emergency calls, anyway this morning I told them about the foot problem and how little progress was being made, I had to go and pick up some antibiotics and a different spray to teat them with.
The injections were all ready for me at reception so it was back home to administer, of course Martin headed back to work this morning and trying to inject two feisty goats on your own isn't advised, my lovely neighbour came round to give me a hand, this time it was an injection of antibiotics into the muscle, I did a bit of research on the web before hand, it didn't take long, then a clean up of there feet and a spray of the blue stuff this time that has to be administered daily.
I hope to see some improvement in a few days, there feet were a bit better than when we started treating them but they were not improving quick enough.
Administering the injections myself saves the cost of the vet visiting.

Over the week end I was using up a few fridge things
There was some pots of yogurt left from the grand kids visiting
 They were spread out on to the sheets from the dehydrator

 popped into the dehydrator for a few hours
 rolled up

snipped into bite sized chunks and stored in air tight container, they make lovely sweet treats, they taste like the fruit salad sweets you used to get. I like them so do the kids.

Next up was ice lollies
I needed some empty coca cola bottles for a project, rather than waste the drink inside I turned it into ice lollies, after doing the first batch I have decided its better to let the pop go flat before freezing,
it overflowed as it was freezing.

Yesterday I harvested the last of the Corn on the Cob, we had some for dinner 
the rest I blanched and vac packed
for the freezer, there were some cobs that hadn't pollinated properly, I cooked them and took of the corn kernels, they are also in the freezer and will be used for sea food chowder.
There was a bit of cross pollination with the corn, I had a couple of red corn plants and they cross pollinated with the usual corn causing some dark kernels, they are fine to eat.
Next year I plan to grow the corn in the poly tunnel, the problem this year was when they needed pollination we had foul weather in the poly tunnel I can control the pollination better.

That's about it for today :-)


  1. Eeek, rather you than me injecting goats, I think you must have nerves of steel. Yum, I used to love those fruit salad sweets, you've brought back lots of childhood memories with those.

    1. if things had worked out being a vet would have been my chosen career life took a different direction, this is as close as I will get :-)

  2. You turn your hand to almost everything. Well done. You must be well on target for self sufficiency. I know we will always need money but you've got so many bases covered.

    1. Its all good fun discovering what we can do and there is still lots to learn

  3. I have to admire your go get it attitude! I guess you would say you are just doing what's needed! :)

    1. Thank you, its just a case of get on with it :-)

  4. I've never heard of dehydrating yogurt. Neat! That's going on my list of new things to try. Thanks!

  5. Good idea for using up yoghurt, but also a good way for getting a very reluctant husband to eat yoghurt!

  6. The vets around here pretty much operate out of their trucks. They make the rounds so usually if there is an issue they swing by at some point once you call and ask em to. Luckily the mini-drought we are getting has cured us of any sheep hoof issues and the worm problems.

    Always a trade off.

    Not sure I would fall for dehydrated yogurt.

    1. Here you have to call the vet out and get a hefty bill for the call out, learning how to do injections myself has saved us a fortune, the other week it was the 8 Alpacas all getting jabs and the cost would have been £40 each for the vet.

  7. When all else fails try Manuca honey. We have had good results on open wounds there is plenty of information on the internet. Great blog.

  8. purple spray and injections, two things I've become reacquainted with since getting the sheep. My childhood was spent filling the syringe for dad to inject animals!
    I do like the look of that yoghurt!


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