Monday 9 November 2015

Its Only Weather

Still it rains and still the wind blows, but its only weather,
All that was needed was a nice warming bowl of soup
 Squash, Onion, garlic and Chili fresh from the stores, and added to it was dehydrated peppers, courgettes, broad beans and kale from the cupboard
All home produced
 Lovely warming soup for lunch, with the added chili it gave it a kick and Martin said when he goes back outside he would be glowing like the Ready Brek kid from the advert 

I spent the morning in the cabin sewing then the afternoon I made a start on some chocolate Christmas gifts 
Chocoholics Christmas Puddings
I found the idea for these on the Internet and know a few people who would love them
They have a chocolate orange inside, covered in maltesers and drizzled with white chocolate.
I now just have to wrap them in some cellophane and tie a pretty bow.
Martin went back this evening he is away with some friends tomorrow a boys thing.
There doesn't look like any improvement in the weather over the next few days, I am glad I am on the top of a mountain and now down the bottom with all this rain.
I don't have to venture out anywhere until Wednesday then its the dentist,
So I will be staying indoors and getting on with sewing and gifts.


  1. The weather doesn't bother me either, there is always something to do inside, and now I have to add some of those "puddings" to the list. I know several peeps who would love one or two or three..... Not me though, unless I use all dark chocolate.

  2. I agree with you both - always plenty to do indoors. Catch up time I think.

    You're getting ahead with the Christmas puddings! I may make some apple, ginger and pear mincemeat today (just seen the recipe on the River Cottage site).

  3. It's awful here in Ireland too. The poly-tunnel is a good place on days like this. The soup looks great!

  4. We've just had a snippet of sunshine in Essex and oh how its makes me feel better. I will disappear shortly as the forecast is grey, grey and more grey. Love, love, love the puddings. How do you store them between now and christmas? Thanks for sharing.

  5. Those chocolate gifts look fabulous, what a great idea. Hope the weather's a bit better today, the rain's stopped here but it's still windy.

  6. Wow, those chocolate puddings look and sound amazing!!! :)

  7. Oh I do envy you your sewing cabin and being able to spend days making things. My sewing area is in a right mess at the moment so no sewing is being done because I can't find anything!

  8. We are still dry along the South Coast, but we often miss out on rain. The winds are high, which means we have lost most of our leaves in one go.

  9. My goodness those chocolate Christmas puddings look good! Don't tell your dentist about them though! xx


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