Thursday 5 November 2015

Naughty But Darn Good

yes my treat today, waffles with pecan and maple ice cream drizzled with maple syrup.
How did it come about read on.
A while ago I mentioned I had got a cream separator, so I can get to grips with it properly I decided to buy whole milk instead of semi skimmed and run it through the seperator
 last night I run the milk through it
and got just over half a pint of thick cream, I did discover that there is a little nut you can adjust to get a thinner cream, so thats what I will do next time.
Anyhow now I had cream I needed to do something with it.
Ice cream came to mind
 chopped pecans toasted in some butter and brown sugar, then left to cool down
I popped the Ice cream bowl into the freezer over night
 then this morning made up the rest of the mix, milk, cream and maple syrup mixed in the pecans, poured it into the ice cream maker
 half an hour later pecan and maple ice cream done
 into a container and stored in the freezer.
 the other day I ordered a stove top waffle iron, today was the perfect time to try it out, really easy to use, non stick cost £15 off Amazon.
my treat this evening really yummy :-)


  1. You naughty, naughty girl. Looks yummy..hope you enjoyed.xx

  2. That's my favourite ice cream. Love anything nutty like that. I love seeing all the gadgets you have. Waffles look delicious too.

  3. Not a big nut fan myself but the waffle and ice cream combo is very appealing.

    Then again I am partial to naughty anyway.

  4. Gosh, talk about all home made! Sounds delish.

  5. Mouthwatering here, looks delicious

  6. Oh wow that sounds delicious! and I like the idea of a waffle maker so I could make gluten free waffles :)

  7. Yum, that looks great, and all home made too, I am impressed.

  8. About a thousand calories in each waffle do you think Dawn?

  9. WOW nice to see you have some of the benefits of your hard work.

  10. Gorgeous! But I won't say naughty, I will say, smart!


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