Tuesday 24 November 2015

A Little Stirring Up

Last Nights stir fry
All the veg chopped up, Oca, Onions, Pak Choi, Garlic, Chillies and Mange Tout 
the best thing about it, it all came from the garden so only cost pence and time of course
 I marinaded the strips of venison, in soy sauce, sherry, cornflour mixed with a little water, the venison was  flash fried in some oil taken out the veg added stir fried then the venison was added with a dash of soy sauce and when taken off the heat drizzled with sesame oil
we had it served with fried green tomatoes
 I always wanted to try fried green tomatoes so did  a bit of an Internet search and found a recipe that appealed, you can only do so much chutneys and pickles, having them like this is a nice tasty way of using them up.
Martin got all the venison done including some lovely little venison chops and steaks.

Now a bit of information I want to pass on, a while ago I upgraded to windows 10, it worked fine no problems but this past fortnight I started having issues, pages freezing, laptop beeping randomly, cursor freezing, it was getting worse and starting to drive me nuts (more nuts than normal) I searched the web the other day for a solution and found one here solution  I followed the instructions and I am pleased to say all is now running great, it seems that the Realtek audio manager was having a conflict with windows 10.

Next bit of info, I read this on a blog today, saving money with your energy supplier, its a fairly new blog with great potential pop along and see if you can save money 
Fast-SOS Blog

I have put a new page on my craft blog, listing fabric off the bolt I have for sale bargain price so pop over and have a look

Now a little money saving tip from me
plastic bags, zip lock bags cost money so after using turn inside out give them a wash and re-use, I am sure you all do this already 
That's it for today folks :-)


  1. Hi Dawn, went over to your craft blog but couldn't find the new page.

    1. thanks sorted now I forgot to activate it :-)

    2. I admit I do the bag thing already. I will be taking a look at other sites you've kindly suggested..

  2. That's a lot of venison there!!!

    Software glitches give me hives so I try and avoid them at all costs and refuse to upgrade operating systems until I am at least two behind the new one :)

  3. Your stir fry looks lovely, I bet it tasted all the better for the ingredients being home grown.

  4. Your stir fry looks delightful, what is the Oca like I am imagining it to be a little like water chestnut in texture? I hope so as I really like water chestnuts. I am tight enough to just use zip lock bags for dry ingredients & use them until they fall apart xx

  5. I've always wanted to try fried green tomatoes as well after reading the book. I've not tried oca either, I've lived a sheltered life :)

  6. Yes, I do reuse zip lock bags unless they are filthy with hog germs or some such. Fried green tomatoes are one of my favorites...did you know green tomatoes can be canned in slices for eating in winter? As to all those vegs...looks like you're feeding an army! Was the venison farm raised or hunted? It's beautiful meat. I've given the lads around here permission to hunt on my farm. In return, they've promised me tenderloin, steaks and bones for the dogs.


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