Wednesday 4 November 2015

Just 1 Day Later

Great news with the goats, they had jabs and blue spray treatment yesterday, this morning when I went out yippee they were both weight bearing on all four legs. I was surprised wasn't expecting such quick results, they have to continue to have the blue spray but they have now turned a corner.

What else has gone on today
 There was a couple of avocados in the fridge, I love them Martin doesn't, I did a bit of research on freezing them and came up with this one, blend them up with some lemon juice salt and pepper
 I had some in a lonely pitta bread that was in the bread bin with some bacon for lunch
 The remainder went into portion size tubs for the freezer, its recommended to use them within 6 weeks, will report back how they are. While I was at it I found out you can put Humous in the freezer, we had two half tubs left, it is recommended to use within 6 months and perhaps add some olive oil to the humous once defrosted, Martin gets the humous from his Turkish mechanic at work, its really lovely and so different to the stuff in the supermarkets, I did see Hugh add some to soup the other evening, so I might give that a go.
 Postie brought me a couple of new books, Pioneer Woman Cooks and Pioneer Woman Cooks Dinnertime, by Ree Drummond.
Ree Drummond set up a blog in 2006 charting her new life with her rancher husband and home schooled children, Ree was a city girl now fully embracing her life as the wife of a cowboy.

 Lots of lovely easy recipes, batch cooking and freezing meal basics.
 laid out with lots of step by step photos
 She gives breakdown of the pantry supplies nothing fancy just every day stuff.
Lots of snippets of life on the ranch with some stunning photos. 
I am enjoying flicking through the books and I have earmarked some to try. 
She also does a TV show on Food Network and she is on tomorrow morning, I don't usually watch cooking programs but I may well just do that tomorrow morning, she has a couple of other books as well I am waiting for them to come. 

I have switched Sol's walk to the afternoon now, as yesterday it was starting to get dark at 4-30 and was completely dark by the time we go back, I don't mind walking in the dark around our own land but down in the forest is a different matter, I was asked once some time ago why do I walk the dog down the forest and not just around our own land, I think he would be very bored just walking around the fields day after day, he enjoys the forest lots to sniff and all sorts of scents for him to follow, lots of different terrain, the fields he is out in several times a day, a bit of variety keeps him stimulated, when Martin is home he walks round a different part of the forest. Also I enjoy the trips down the forest.

That's it for today :-)


  1. I do love a bit of humous and make my own but hadn't thought of freezing it, it'll make it easier to do big batches and haev it ready (or nearly ready) and waiting.

  2. Good news on the goats and a brilliant tip on freezing avocado and specially hummus, I like to make a big batch and then find myself eating it twice a day. Very nice but ooh the garlic breath.

  3. I had never thought of freezing humous, the bearded one doesn't like it so I often end up having to eat it all myself when I make a batch. I will give that a try. Glad to hear the goats are on the mend.

  4. Lovely books. I used to follow her blog, and she has is VERY good with her (no doubt expensive!) camera. I expect all the photos in the books were taken by her (outside ones certainly). I always felt a little sorry for her kids as even when tiny they were dragged out of bed at dawn to go and round up cattle, which I frowned upon, mainly as none of the kids had hats and were on "ponies" as big as my horse was, which is a long way to fall when you are just four and fall asleep in the saddle . . .

    I hadn't thought of freezing hummus either, but that would be good as I find the average sized pot a bit of an ask for me to get through on my own within the

    I have to say, NO WAY would I walk in that forest after dark (even when dimpsey) knowing what lurks there!

    Glad the goats aren't so lame now. Was it Canker they had?

  5. Glad the goat treatment is working. It's a responsibility having animals isn't it?! I will try freezing hoummous as I do rather like the stuff. Guacamole wouldn't ever make it as far as the freezer because it's much lived throughout the family but I'll remember to check back in to see how it works freezing it just in case :)

  6. They look interesting books, I shall have to look out for them. Archie loves walking in woods and forests, there's so many scents there, it's good to give them a bit of variety when walking them.

  7. I think you are right about dogs getting bored with the same walks every day Dawn. I am afraid our Tess gets taken round our fields twice a day but she is always excited when somewhere different is added - even if it is only a new field.

  8. So pleased the goats are on the mend. Poorly animals are always a worry. Good tips about the avocado and hummus. It certainly cuts down on waste when you can freeze unused portions.


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