Sunday 5 April 2015

Day on The Beach

Yesterday the sun shone, unfortunately no wind so the girls didn't get to fly there kites 
Baby ankle biter and Kara seemed to be in competition for the dogs bed and cardboard boxes

Kara also enjoyed playing bat and ball with the girls
They also helped out with the feeding rounds
Today again the sun was shining we started the day with 
chocolate eggs how else are you suppose to start Easter Sunday
They did have breakfast first 
Then we headed to the beach at Newquay

Sandcastle making 

Exploring rock pools followed by fish and chips
Then off to Llangrannog 

were we finished off the day with an ice cream at our favourite ice cream shop
They are all now bathed and ready for bed, tired from the sea air and glowing with a tan, it has been a very sunny hot day, I am feeling weary myself and looking forward to a peaceful evening.
I did get the sugar Maple trees planted yesterday and will post about them later in the week.
I hope you have all had a glorious sunny Easter.


  1. What a beautiful sunny day you had over there in the west. I expect Llangrannog was a bit quieter than the last time we went there - so busy it was just a drive down, along and out again!

  2. What a fabulous time you have all had - including Kara!! Happy Easter! xx

  3. Few things make me happier than children enjoying open spaces!

  4. Giggling children make me smile, a perfect day at the sea side. We had a mostly dull day here.


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