Sunday 12 April 2015

Baby Alpacas on the Move

Now we have another couple of small paddocks fenced in it was time to move the baby alpacas, they needed to be weaned as there mums are due in a few months, although I have noticed over the past few weeks the mums were not letting them feed as much.
while they were having there morning feed, Martin corralled them and brought the animal transporter around, as they haven't yet been lead trained it was easier to move them in the transporter rather than trying to walk them through the fields.
All together for a final family photo
after a bit of persuasion we got them into the back of the trailer and drove them to the new enclosure
they made themselves at home at said hello to uncle Nick Nack
More on the subject of babies, Wednesday met Kara yesterday
while they were meeting Friday was still making its way into the world
At last Friday managed to escape from its shell and is now settled down with Wednesday

They are now best buddies and hopefully soon Sunday will join them, they have been named according to the days they first pipped there eggs, from that first pipping it can take 2 days for them to fully emerge, the last egg started to pip this morning, we had 2 non starters and one died in shell, as soon as this last one is done I have another 6 to set. All of these hatching's are for the table.

Other News
Its be a grey damp windy day today, so not much done outside, I made a batch of bread rolls
and turned the mushrooms I had in a soup, I used the same recipe I have done before are its really easy and tasty Mushroom Soup 
The middle barn conversion next door is now up for sale, we always assumed it would at some point, they had been working on it for several years, it still hasn't been finished, there is still a lot of money to be spent on it yet. While talking to the daughter this afternoon who always seems very standoffish I got bitten by one of her dogs on my arm
It was lucky I had a jacket and jumper on, I am not pursuing the matter on this occasion as her mum past away a few days ago and she has enough to deal with, but if there is another incident I wont hesitate to involve the police and I would insist the dog is put to sleep, she doesn't see to have any control of her dogs at all. I hope she manages to find a buyer quickly but I doubt it.
I am pleased we have lovely neighbors living on the other side who have the other barn.

Thats me all up to date now, time for a cuppa :-)


  1. I hope you are OK, glad to read you had your coat on, I'm with you if a dog attacks it should be dealt with, difficult for you at this time. Love the ducklings, you have had a good return on your six eggs.

  2. Make sure you clean that wound, dog bites can be full of nasty stuff. Nothing worse than someone who can't control their animals. At least with me its only the children I can't control! How far away are your neighbours?

    Your place looks so organised with all its pens and fields.

  3. Keep a close eye on that bite Dawn, as Kev says a bite can turn nasty very fast. The Alpacas are looking good and it is nice that Wednesday has a companion.

  4. I had an incident in the local park were a dog of its lead ran over and took my grandsons ball and punctured it. The woman could see why I was angry. It wasn't the ball it was the fact her dog was out of control and she had it off the lead and couldn't run to stop it. I was do mad because it could have been a child it attacked and not a ball.

  5. I'm worried about you too! Do take care of that bite.

    Love the ducklings' names! Very clever. :)

  6. Yes, I'm echoing the others keep an eye on that bite, thank goodness you had long sleeves on it could have been even worse. She needs to get her dogs under control no matter what is going on in her life at the moment.

    I love your Alpaca set up, so very organised.

  7. OUCH,that looks very nasty, as everyone says keep an eye on it. People who can't control their dogs really annoy me.
    Ducks are one thing we never kept in all our years here


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