Thursday 9 April 2015

Staying Out Of The Sun

It has been another hot sunny day, this morning we headed into to town to pick up some shopping, monthly shop all done this time it came to £48.
When we got back Martin started getting up the guttering on the animal shelters and getting it hooked up to the IBC tanks.
I spent most of the day trying to work in the shade, the sun has been so intense.
I started weeding the Herb bed
It was looking rather scruffy 
Now all weeded and given a bark mulch, a lot better.
I had some bark left over so I did the same with the small flower bed out the front
After, looking a lot better.
I got some more seeds in today, Parsnips, Purple Basil, Coriander, Thai Basil and Garlic Chives.
The sweetcorn is now coming through along with peas radish beetroot and the broad beans are storming away tomorrow I am getting in the potatoes that have been chitting away.
I better show you the Sugar Maple trees
There buds are just breaking, the trees are about 10ft tall, they are now called Amy's trees and they are planted up in the top field with Kev's Willow and some other trees I have been planting there, I picked up another 7 trees today to plant in this area as well. I hope one day it will be a woodland.
Our little duckling Wednesday is doing fine but a bit lonely I hope it will have a companion soon, Wednesday has now been moved into the brooder and looks like it will be spending the night alone.

We had our first BBQ of the year today
Martin made it out of odds and ends we had laying around, he had a small barrel just right for the two of us, he has a big barrel that will be made into a bigger BBQ for when we have visitors.
We still prefer to cook on charcoal, we just don't like gas bbq's


  1. I like the sound of kev's trees! I've got "Dawns Oca" labled up in the greenhouse! Your gardens are looking tidy, I'm looking forward to being back at home next week and then I can get some serious gardening done if the girls allow it!

  2. Dawn it's just lovely seeing everything progressing so well.

  3. It's looking very clean & tidy, quite unlike my small patch, Love the idea of your trees x

  4. It's all looking so good, I love the idea of planting your own woods.

  5. Definitely BBQ weather - we got gently broiled on our walk yesterday! You're doing so well with your sowing and planting and weeding. I have made some progress this week, but is has been HECTIC and the weekend will be totally manic. I look back to returning to normality next week and hopefully we can make a date to meet up?

  6. It is lovely to see the maples! I hope they will be happy with all the other trees! You know I love trees right? I wonder if you have any more ducklings by now? I hope so otherwise the one little fellow will be sad all alone! I hope that you have a great weekend! xx


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