Friday 17 April 2015

Five On Friday

I am back with Amy's Five on Friday there is a link on the side bar that will take you to Amy's blog 
My five this week is Haynes Manuals yes that's right, remember all those car manuals that gave you detail instructions on how to repair your car, I suppose with cars these days being run by computers and not so easy to repair it has given Haynes the opportunity to diversify, I came across these manuals that Haynes were doing a couple of years ago.

First on my list

 The Haynes Smallholding Manual put together in the familiar Haynes format, lots of step by step pictures and easy to read, it dips into lots of topics everything from choosing land, essential equipment and lots of how to's.

Next Up

Haynes Pig Manual again nicely laid out, I dipped in and out of this book a lot last year when we ventured into rearing pigs for our own table last year and found it covered everything I needed to know at the time.

Number 3 

 Haynes Chicken Keeping, for some-one venturing into chicken keeping for the first time I would get them this book, it goes through a daily task list and a month by month list very informative.

Number 4

Outdoor Survival, a lovely book for anyone with an interest in the outdoors, a bit big to carry in the pocket but it has loads of interesting stuff, and covers navigation, trapping, first aid and lots of other useful information that you may not think you ever need to know until a situation arises.

My Favourite Number 5 

Bee Keeping Haynes Manual, I wish this book had been out when I first ventured into bee keeping, it is brilliant and covers everything, in a simple to follow format and easy to understand, if you are considering getting bees at any time in the future get this book first, I often return to it time and time again when dealing with the hives, one of my best buys.

Haynes have brought out some really interesting manuals there is a few more on the list I would like to get and I am waiting for them to publish manuals on sheep, cattle, ducks and poly tunnels.
I did buy my grandson the men's cookery one when he was leaving home and I got my husband the one on the Vulcan bomber he has a passion for those planes. 

That's my Five On Friday this week pop along to Amy's blog and see what others are writing about. 


  1. I had no idea they branched out and away from card. They do indeed look informative. I shall keep my eye out. Thanks for the share.

  2. I knew that they had diversified, but didn't know about this sort of manual - the animal sort that is - how great is that!! It makes total sense and fits well with their format of information and pictures and teaching people how to do things for themselves. Thank you so much as always for joining in. I hope that you have a great weekend! xx

  3. They say you learn something new everyday. Well I just learnt that Haynes manuals are not just for cars. I will have to go to their site and look at their list of more modern books.

  4. I remember the old manuals! Very useful with our old bangers :)

  5. Wow su h an interesting post, will have to look at their site tonight, Just to see their range.

  6. How good is that. Just what is needed when you start something for the first time.

  7. I too thought they were just for cars. They look very good.

  8. That looks like an informative and interesting series of book. I'm visiting from 5 on Friday.

  9. I had no idea that they did these other manuals. We did have a couple of the car ones for ages that we'd had with our early cars when you could tinker under the bonnet but I think they eventually went to a charity shop. The new manuals look interesting - I must look what else they do:)

  10. The only one I've ever had was one about self built camper vans and it was really useful when I was building one. Unfortunately I think I lent it to someone and didn't get it back- not that im planning on building another one any time soon!

  11. How interesting! I only thought they made car manuals. Enjoy the weekend. :-)

  12. Those are absolutely great! We always used to have the car manuals and I had vaguely clocked that they were doing other things too but hadn't realised all these things were right up my street. What a find!


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