Monday 6 April 2015

Shoveling Manure In The Sun

It has been really hot here today and sunny all day, we are all sporting a tan, the day was spent at home, I was filling the 26ft bed with Alpaca manure ready for the asparagus
I also got a load of seeds sown in the greenhouse all the squashes and melons, parsnips outside,
the beetroot and radish are no all popping up through the soil and the first of the broad beans.
Martin finished off the frame for the poly tunnel
All ready for the covering.
Kara had a bath this morning 
To get rid of all the salt after a swim in the sea yesterday, she spent the day laying in the sun drying off.

The girls amused themselves making costumes out of bubble wrap and sticky tape

little ankle biter took a nap with Kara
We cooked a roast pork dinner and my daughter made a Chocolate Up and Over pudding
 Tomorrow will be getting back to normal as they are off home, Martin is still here for the rest of the week he is taking an extended break.
I did do some crafting with my daughter during her stay, its over on my craft blog.
Little Ankle Biter is now in bed the girls are out on the quad bike with Martin, so while its quiet i am off for a cuppa.


  1. Now I've decided I'm definitely moving to Wales! as we have had a grey chilly Easter weekend apart from a few hours on Sunday. Looks as if your grandchildren had a lovely time staying at yours

  2. Essex has been chilly too. We had a few hours first thing this morning 7-9 and then about 4 this afternoon for an hour. We usually get the better weather! No sign of broadbeans in the ground but I have germinated some as per your instructions and I will put them in later this week. No carrots or parsnips, I think its been too dry, so I may have to sow more! Starting some beans, courgettes, and cucumbers off in the conservatory. The poly tunnel looks huge! Lucky you.

  3. It definitely looks as though Kara has had some competition for her bed over Easter!! Too cute though! xx


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