Tuesday 21 April 2015

The Most Exciting News Ever

Today something wonderful happened but I am not telling you until the end of the post

First things first, yesterday I had the tree fellers round

At the end of our private drive is a big Ash tree and you can see in the photos the problem we had with the telephone cables, they were getting tangled up in the branches, the tree needed cutting back before it came in leaf ad even more so before the cables got damaged.
They took off the troublesome branches, we now have a nice pile of logs to lay down for seasoning.
While they were skimming up trees I got stuck into painting wood preservative onto boards
There are 10 of these boards and they are to box in the bottom of the fence.
I have also been getting more of the fence done, I got more done today and will get more done tomorrow I hope.
I also got some wood chipping done.
With all the hedge trimming we have done we have stacks of brush, we have been burning some and it seems endless even putting it through the chipper seems to take for ever, we could do with hiring one of those big chippers to clear the pile.

Now for my really EXCITING news
This afternoon while I was in the greenhouse there was a commotion in the ducks run, the drake was running up and down creating a fuss, so I went over to see what the problem was.
You could have knocked me over with a feather I couldn't believe what I could see.

Had come home
For those that don't know last August a month after moving here Flash my much loved tortoise who is now 19 years old went missing, I thought we would never see him again, I spent days looking for him so did Martin and our neighbours, it wasn't time for him to hibernate so I couldn't understand how he could have vanished, there he was today walking across the duck run.
He is now enclosed in an area and this week end we will be making him a large enclosure, he was happy to tuck into some cucumber this afternoon no worse for wear after his adventure he is now tucked up for the night in his little shelter.


  1. Dawn what great news, we had a cat go missing for 12 days and that was bad enough, so pleased for you. Looks like you had another sunny day, last one tomorrow for a while, they are promising rain by the weekend.

  2. Oh Dawn, what wonderful news, I bet that made your year!

  3. Great news! If only he could talk and tell you where he has been :)

  4. Brilliant news ! It's awful when an animal goes missing isn't it ?

  5. how wonderful!!!! I am so pleased for you!!! xx

  6. Yay for you, that's so awesome. Have you had him for the whole 19 years? I think they live for a long time, that's great that he came 'home'!

  7. Wow! Glad he's back! I wonder what kind of winter he had. I bet you're pleased as anything.

  8. Good news indeedy. If only he could tell you where he has been all this time

  9. Amazing news! Our pets never fail to surprise us do they

  10. Great news! Wonder where he's been all this time..........unimportant now he's back!
    Keep up the good work!

  11. Oh Dawn..... I'm so pleased for you that Flash is back. If animals could talk, eh? You are really getting stuck into the outdoor jobs. I'm so envious of what you and your hubby have achieved (it makes it a whole lot easier when you work together as a team). Make sure you keep Flash well stocked up with cucumber. Have a good day. CMW p.s. what does Kara make of him?

  12. Really good news!!! I wonder where he spent his extended holiday? Jx


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