Monday 20 April 2015

My Monday Make

When Martin came up for Easter he brought with him a sore throat and sniffles needless to say he passed it on to me although mine has just been a slight irritation, some wives gets flowers I get his bugs, anyway as soon as I started to feel that little tickle in my throat I set about making some
 Honey and Lemon sore throat candies
Very easy recipe, I was lucky that I had just picked the last two small lemons from tree and still had some honey from our hives.
4oz butter
1cup of honey
1/2 tsp vinegar
1/8 cup of water 
juice of one lemon
melt the butter add honey vinegar and water, bring to the boil and continue to boil until you reach a temperature of 250c

 maintain a rolling boil at this temperature for 12 mins, the raise the temperature to 300c, remove from heat and slowly add the lemon juice be careful as it will splutter, return to heat and bring back to the boil for 1 min.
  Pour into a tray I dusted mine with icing sugar, and leave to cool, 
 then cut into squares.
At this stage pop into the fridge it will then just snap apart.
The only thing is they are so lovely you cant stop eating them :-)


  1. How enterprising! I hope they work too : ) I can remember having some blackcurrant pastels in a tin, as a child, which were meant for sore throats (Vit. C and all that) but I just ate those like sweeties too!

  2. When I was a kid my Mum used to make us drink hot Honey, Rum and Butter as a homemade flu recipe. Have you considered adding some Rum to these? Jx

  3. I bet they're tasty! I made turkish delight once and almost made myself ill from eating too much so I'd better not make these!

  4. Yummmmmm what else is there to say.

  5. They look great! I could have done with those at the weekend, but made do with hot water, lemon and honey - bet your 'cough sweets' were much nicer!


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