Friday 10 April 2015

Potato Day

Today I got the potato's in
I chose five different variety's this year, Maris Peer, Maris Piper, Charlotte, King Edward and Red Duke of York. I got my order in early so I had good quality stock and they had plenty of time to chit.
This year I am growing them under a covered bed, I got a load of this membrane free with the poly tunnel, the bed has been filled with the soil from the mole hills and a few bags of spent mushroom compost I had left over all mixed in with some Alpaca manure, the bed got covered with the membrane
I cut a cross in the membrane
make a hole in the soil drop in a potato and cover up again.
Once done it was all given a good watering then left to grow, growing them under the membrane should stop the bed filling with weeds and also the potato's wont need earthing up.
Another job ticked off the list
Here are the Broad Beans all popping up at a great rate
Garlic and Shallots are looking really good.
As are the leeks and the few cabbages I got planted late autumn.
The fencers have been here, dividing up the long field, they got finished today so over the week-end we will wean the baby alpacas now we have a space for them far enough away from there mums.
One of the fencers brought his little dog Lucy she is only 16 weeks old 
here she is running around Kara, she is a teacup chiwawa mix and so cute, Kara did have a bit of run around with her but it left her dog tired
Yesterday when we went to the fruit and veg supplier I got 

a box of mushrooms for £1 and a mixed box of Butternut Squash and Sweet Potatoes for £1
Today I used some of them with some Oca Onions and Chicken to make a curry
So that's tonight's dinner sorted
Wednesday is still doing fine and fingers crossed will soon have Friday for company.


  1. Everything looks to be growing well. Our new potatoes have just broken through the earth. We don't have as much room as you to plant. You got a good bargain with your mushrooms, squash and potatoes. I bet your curry was good.

  2. I've spotted some growth at last too. It's so exciting. Your vegetables are a great price.

  3. All growing away very nicely! You have green fingers Dawn (and lots of stamina!) The squashes and sweet potatoes were a bargain!!

  4. I like the potatoes through the membrane, it'll be interesting to see how they do, I'm planning on doing something similar with squash this year.
    Your shallots and onions are leaps and bounds ahead of mine!

  5. I might try that potato method we are struggling to fill our raised beds , might add a layer of straw before the membrane as we have lots

  6. It's a good idea to grow the potatoes under membrane, something I've never tried,

    I think I would still do a bit of earthing up though with some soil piled on top of the membrane round each plant when they are a few inches tall, simply to get more potatoes from each plant. The idea of earthing up is that the stem sends off more of the shoots which have the potatoes on them. So the higher you go the more potatoes you get.


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