Monday 27 April 2015

First Harvest

Yesterday I harvested the first of the veg grown on Welsh soil 
Purple Sprouting Broccoli and it was lovely served with 

 some of our own home reared welsh roasted pork.
Any veg that was harvested last year was grown in containers and brought with so this is a bit of milestone, there is more purple sprouting broccoli to come as well.
We had a lovely sunshine day again yesterday we are still needing the rain they keep telling us is coming but seems to miss us.
The day was spent finishing off planting the tomato plants in the poly tunnel
21 in total, 3 different variety's, Black Russian, Pink Vine and Beefsteak, next will be the peppers and chillies that are at the stage of re-potting so they will go straight into the ground in the poly tunnel.
We also got the border on the other side all done 
 So its all ready for growing now,
 this week I will work on the path and connect up the watering system,
Martin got the Dandelion wine done
 It now sits and ferments and then clears.
My early Blueberries are in flower
I have planted this one in the ground, the big terracotta pot it was in broke, so I dug a big hole and filled it with compost suitable for the blueberries I am hoping it does well as I have had this bush for
for many years now, I had intended to build a bed specifically for the blueberries but that has been put back for now.
Still lots of seeds coming on in the greenhouse, I will be glad when the young plants are planted out looking after baby plants is a lot of work.
The squashes need potting on again, the nights are far to cold for them to go out, same with the sweet corn and beans, peas will be out by the end of the week I hope.


  1. It must be lovely to know where your food comes from. Your planting is coming along well. We had a frost in Essex last night I'm hoping I haven't lost any plants! I will cry.

  2. It's a busy time isn't it, I'm very envious of your polytunnel, it looks like a fantastic place to grow things x

  3. Yay for your first in the soil veggies!!! How great is that!!! I imagine that your mostly all home produced meal must have been a wonderful experience for you! xx

  4. I love PSB but every year we have the same problem - it grows - we eat it for a few days - we have a spell of warm weather and the whole lot runs to seed :-(

    We are waiting for rain too but thats' usual for us here, definitely not normal for Wales!!

  5. We have had some rain here along the south coast, normally it passes us by, the sky is full of black clouds, fingers crossed, rain at beginning of the week and sunny on Thursday.

  6. ooo its years since I made Dandelion wine ... now there's a thought.


  7. So much happening in your part of the world but still no veg being grown here! Ah well, at least I can remain encouraged by reading your blog............and dandelion wine!......that might possibly be a project for next year!

  8. Your generous with the space you give to your tomatoes in the polytunnel aren't you, I must be cruel I have always kept them closer to give me more room for other things .... now I feel bad for them :-( But not so bad I won't be planting them in their usual spacing this year ... Lol.

    I love seeing the space before a tunnel fills up, so neat and enticing.


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