Monday 29 June 2015

New Book And The Parcel

My new book arrived on time today thank you Mr Amazon

The Ultimate Dehydrator Cookbook, I have been watching Tammy Gangloff on you tube the stuff she does with her dehydrator is amazing I then found out she had released a book last September don't know how I missed that.
Its a fab book and would recommend it to anyone with a dehydrator, I have many books on the subject but this one beats them all hands down, as well as lots of info of how to dehydrate there are some brilliant ideas on how to use what you have dehydrated.

Now for the parcel that has sat here unopened for 4 days 
 A selection of eight different smoking woods to go with 
A my new cold smoke generator 
When I was at the Game Fair the other week I got a book
I have a hot smoking cabinet and was looking for a decent English book on smoking food, this book was written by two women from Buckinghamshire who went to live in the Lake District to run a business smoking food, I was reading in the book about cold smoking and they recommended the 
Pro Q cold smoke generator for cold smoking at home, after a quick search I found it on Amazon again. Cold smoking intensives the smoke flavour in the food, which you can then cook, were the hot cabinet cooks the food while smoking because of the high temperatures reached.

I did get some sewing done today details on my craft blog,
I must do a garden update tomorrow there is so much coming on and being harvested.


  1. Gosh, you really will have covered all angles on saving food now. I got the Dehydrator Bible recently but haven't yet decided which (cheap until I find out how much I will use it) dehydrator. Which do you recommend?

  2. I have been looking at YouTube videos about dehydratin, its a very interesting subject and cuts down on waste

  3. I learnt most of my dehydrating knowledge from Tammy, and a while ago I saw a YT vid with her and her family explaining all about the book you have just bought, but it was still being edited at that time. Nice to know I can now buy it.

  4. Great parcels to receive indeed! I hope that you enjoy experimenting with the smoker!! xx

  5. Looks good, waiting to see the smoking results.


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