Monday 22 June 2015

Ducks (squemish warning)

Our three ducks we hatched from our own duck eggs were at the ideal age for the table,

 they were now 10 weeks and to continue to feed them would only increase fat not meat, so today it was time to cull them.
We have a poultry dispatcher we use on these occasions

working together, Martin held the duck in place and I pulled the handle down, it breaks the neck and job is done.
 Once all three were culled we scalded each one and we plucked them together sitting in the straw in the open barn.
 scalding them in boiling water makes them easier to pluck
Once plucked they were gutted and prepared for the oven
 they weighed in at 3.5lb 4lb and 4.5lb
Martin had the livers flashed fried with garlic and mushrooms for lunch
 we had the smallest of the trio for dinner tonight roasted with new potatoes from the tunnel with some Swiss chard and purple sprouting broccoli from the garden
The other two are packaged and in the freezer for a later date.
the next four ducks will be ready in about 5 weeks.
I am pleased with weights of this trio and the taste was delicious.
I had no qualms about culling these as from the day the eggs went into the incubator they were labelled as for the table,  they have had a good life, food water kept safe from predators and protection from the weather and have freedom to run on grass felt the sun on the backs and had a pool to bathe in.


  1. That is just how it should be, I am glad that you enjoyed your dinner.

  2. Good to know that the food you eat has been cared for and respected at the end, well done.

  3. I applaud you both. Its easy to forget the food chain when you visit a supermarket for your meat and poultry.

  4. Yum, this time I'm moving to Wales to come round for dinner!

  5. It's life in the country, I remember my mum plucking birds for the table.

  6. This is the way to eat your own meat . A good life and a stress less despatch for the ducks .

  7. Yes, if you are going to eat meat then it should be well cared for. It looks delicious, Sadly Mr D is of the squeamish disposition and we'd be surrounded by aged animals he won't let me dispatch!! I'll stick with the eggs and veggies :)

  8. That's how it should be - a good life and a good death - and good food at the end of it.

  9. I had been told the dispatcher was no good for ducks as they have stretchy necks , thanks for disproving the myth as we have one and have been contemplating table ducks only this week is 10 weeks the max for all breeds ?

  10. Well done dawn. They look a really great size and I bet they taste good. The dispatcher looks a good tool. Better than my axe...

  11. That's how it should be a good death after a good life and good food at the end of it.

    We only saw one of these dispatchers for the first time the other day when we were watching River Cottage Australia, I think we will be investing in one. Lovely Hubby wants to get a small flock of meat birds (chickens) every year for his own consumption, this will make 'doing the deed' much less traumatic for both parties.

    1. i think ascott sell them , we have the plier version


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