Friday 26 June 2015

Fun And Games With The Bees

While waiting for Martin to get home I was expecting him at about 5pm the bees that had taken up residence in the barn decided to re-swarm I was sitting down with a cuppa when I could hear the noise and Sol started whining I went outside to investigate and yep walked straight into the swarm.

I managed to get some better photos for you to see this time, it was exhilarating standing in the middle of a swarm, when the bees swarm they are not aggressive all they are interested in is the queen, I phoned Martin to see how far away he was and warn him as he would have walked straight into them and probably panic, when he got here he went straight away to put his bee suit on while I was still standing there in a vest top surrounded by bees, I do find it really interesting watching  them, the bees don't scare me and the worst thing you can do is panic.
I did do a better video so you could here the noise of the swarm.
They did settle back into the empty hive and tonight we moved hive and bees down to the apiary with the other hives fingers crossed they are happy to stay there.

I promised you an update on the Chickpeas and Lentils
 Chickpeas above
Lentils above
Both seem to be coming on great, they have grown taller since I took these photos a few days ago.

That's it for today :-)


  1. I think they would scare me, but they it is part due to the fact I don't know enough about them. Did they not get in your hair?
    I'm fascinated by the chickpea plants - we use loads. I think we might need a plantation to get a large enough crop to keep us going!

  2. Rather you than me, I have to say. It's bad enough when we have bats in the house here, zooming around. I'm glad that you have a new hive of bees to add to the other one(s).

  3. They are amazing creatures and like most animals staying calm is key but mot sure I would in that situation!

  4. I do find them scary, but I find all small animals and creatures scary, it is because they can be unpredictable! I don't harm them, I just leave! xx

  5. You do live life on the edge at times Dawn. I don't mind bees at all but not sure that I could keep my cool in the middle of a swarm.

  6. I am fascinated by bees as well, and when our bees swarmed into a nearby tree I stood and watched them, like you, and was not bothered by them. As you say, they have other things to do. However......they lifted off from the tree and went and settled half in and half out of one of our empty rabbit hutches. It is fair to say that when we tried to get them into a box they lost their cool with us and by crikey weren't they angry! Hope yours settle down. No bees for us at the moment, perhaps next year we shall have another go......

  7. It's good to hear the bees have returned home safe and sound.


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