Thursday 25 June 2015

It All Started At 4pm

I was having such a lovely day it was going along swimmingly then at 
4 o'clock it turned into chaos
I went into the barn to get the animal feeds it was time for the feeding rounds, there was a loud buzzing noise that should not have been there,
the bees had swarmed and were settling themselves in the barn, there was bees everywhere, Sol didn't venture in he lay outside and watched, I had only been in the barn about an hour before hand.

I got together every ones feed and did the rounds, the bees looked like they were setting up home in one of the empty hives so they could wait until Martin is back tomorrow evening as the hive is up on a platform and I cant get it down full of bees by myself.
Animals all fed I had a look down at the hives and there was another swarm but they were moving into an empty hive down there so that is OK.
Next on my list was to get the young ducks moved into larger quarters, I started sorting it all out then there was a commotion with the Alpacas, I could see Odd Job trying to get over the fence into the girls paddock, I ran down there chased him off the fence, he then went back again of course the girls all lined up along the joining fence tormenting him, I had to separate them but how.
I decided to improvise and put together another fence creating a 10ft divide between the girls and Odd Job fields, I gathered together hurdles but still had a gap I new were so long lengths of timber were but they were screwed to the pillars in the other barn went to get the drill fro the first barn battled through the bees that were settling on the tools got the drill took down the wood filled the gap alpacas now all quiet and settled.

walking back up the field to carry on with the ducks Lambert was creating a racket went to see what he was doing, he had smashed his water bucket up and his head was jammed in his bucket, he got himself free
I went to get him another water container when I got back I noticed he had cut his head and was covered in flies, off to get the purple spray that was were yep you guessed it in the barn with bee swarm, retrieved spray and sprayed Lambert's head
The lid wasn't on the spray properly and I got covered in it,
 It soaked through my t-shirt and I now have a purple boob as well as purple hands
I really needed to finish sorting out the ducks finally got it done, moved them in
cleaned out there old house while I was at it and cleaned out the adult ducks as well, saved me a job for tomorrow.
Got back indoors at 8pm after 4 hours of chaos all I want is a cup of tea and a shower.
And I was going to show you how well the chickpeas and lentils are doing that will be tomorrow :-)


  1. Oh no!, what a commotion. Hope you enjoy your cuppa.

  2. Oh dear, hope everything is calmer for you tomorrow. It is an odd thing, but sometimes a day decides to pack into itself lots of chaos to see how one can cope, and you most certainly had one hell of a chaotic day, which you seem to have coped with very well.

  3. Oh Dawn it was one of those days..... Glad you survived it albeit with a purple boob.....

  4. My goodness Dawn, my snow drift pales into insignificance next to your tussles. It must have seemed as though the Universe had thought, who can we really play up today, Oh Yes let's get Dawn. I will keep my fingers crossed that tomorrow is better.

  5. Oh dear! Why does everything happen at once?

    Although I have to admit to giggling a little at the thought this would make quite a comic sketch!

  6. Gosh, you were truly put to the test weren't you? And rose magnificently to the occasion I might add! Well done, and well coped. As for the purple spray, I still have a stain on the kitchen hearth, despite many washings . . .

  7. What a fun day! Not much left that could possibly happen.
    I remember days like that - thank heavens they are long gone

  8. You are a very brave and talented lady. Well done for dealing with all those problems.


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