Sunday 21 June 2015

Lambert Moves House And Sol Past His Test

Today Lambert was moving house to give his paddock a rest
The paddock we wanted to move him wasn't connected to his paddock, he had to moved through Nick Nacks paddock then a spare paddock on rest to get to his new home, Martin waited until he went into his shelter then fastened his door closed
He was then hitched on to the back of the quad and Lambert and shelter were towed through to the new paddock
He seemed to enjoy the ride 
and is now happily investigating his new paddock

Today we went to the Welsh Game Fair and took Sol with us, when we got Sol we were told he has got a bad habit of lunging at other dogs wanting to play when out on his lead, this is something he got into at his last home as he wouldn't have be partnered to an Autistic child with this problem, I have been working with him trying to correct this behaviour and today was the test day, when we first arrived he was very excitable at the start with lots of dogs of people after a few corrections he slipped into work mode and behaved like and angel, he was a real pleasure to walk around. 
He even allowed a stall holder to demonstrate a dog grooming brush on him  several times for people to watch he was so well behaved and it was nice to get comments on how well behaved he was, even in the tents that were packed with people he didn't falter once.
Once we left we slipped his halter off and he went back to being in Sol mode. When we got him he had lost a lot of his initial training now he has recovered those skills, he will sit and wait until you call him, shake hands, bark on command, high five, paws up for a hug and leave if he is showing interest in something he shouldn't be such as food on the floor, its now 7 weeks he has been with us and is a different dog completely, we have just had his adoption paper work through this week as well.


  1. That's a novel way of moving the life stock! Is his shelter on wheels. Sol looks a lovely dog and I am glad he is settling. A little love and kindness goes a long way. Thanks for your kind comments.

    Catch you soon



  2. That is lovely news re Sol . Hope you are feeling better re the loss of dear Kara . I love the photos of Lambert .,

  3. Lambert looks a real softie. It's lovely to hear that Sol is doing so well with you and reaping the benefits of love and attention.

  4. So glad to hear Sol has settled in and passed his test. I love the photos of Lambert, he's looking out as if to say 'yeh whatever' :)

  5. I bet he is much happier too remembering his training. Dogs love nice firm boundaries and knowing that they will be rewarded for good behaviour, just like small children really, they prefer less choice and a consistent life.

    You are working wonders with Sol.


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