Monday 8 June 2015

Its All Grow Around Here

The veg patch is well and truly on the way now as everything put on lots of growth,
The poly tunnel is filling up fast, the courgettes are not far off producing there first harvest
Cucumber are starting to climb and the tomatoes are setting fruit trusses.
While everything is on the way and seeds are sown for Autumn and Winter crops apart from weeding and feeding there isn't much else to do until the harvest gets well and truly going.
When out collecting animal feeds I popped into the garden centre fatal never pop into a garden centre for just a browse, I came away with these
Chickpeas and Lentils seeds, something new for me to try, I did a bit of looking up on the web to see what is involved 
Got some helpful information here on Growing Chickpeas and Growing Lentils as we are at the end of the season for getting them going I thought I would try some of them as a trial ready for next year
I will keep you update on how they go
I also picked up these 

Its so nice to see the seed companies doing something different from F1 hybrids all the time, the lettuce I shall get some on the go now to put in the tunnel the others will be for next year.
I have already started off onions from seed for next year I want to try and get away from buying in onion sets each year, I might even let a couple run to seed.
I intend to keep some of our own garlic cloves and potatoes for next year too.
I also got these they were on offer for members at half price
I have started them off and have them sitting in the porch were its a bit cooler for them.

Everyone has just been fed so I must get the watering done now then I can have dinner :-)


  1. I wish we could get Suffolk Mushrooms in Suffolk! We've tried mushroom boxes for grow your own a few times, never seem to be able to get the right steady temperature.
    Am I imagining it or did you make pesto for storing(as opposed to using straight away)

    1. I did make wild garlic Pesto

  2. I've always wanted to grow mushrooms, perhaps when I retire I'll have a little more time to experiment. I've watched a couple of very interesting youtube videos on producing the spawn from bought mushrooms. I envy your space and time to do things.

  3. I've got some chickpeas in this year for the first time. Apparently they're a popping variety. Only six germinated so I'll have to see how they do! A good staple to grow. We use so many chickpeas here as I love to make my own homous,
    I might experiment with growing potatoes from seed if any get to that stage this year. Each one has the potential to be a new variety.

  4. I think that it is great that you are always trying new things! I never would have thought of growing chickpeas! xx

  5. Fantastic progress! I look forward to seeing all your produce.

  6. Enjoyed the read, and looking forward to your experiment with chickpeas!

  7. Very interesting watching your progress.

  8. You've got lots going on - I look forward to reading how you get on with the chickpeas, lentils and mushrooms. We've tried growing mushrooms a few times, never had any success though.

  9. I've bought a few mushroom starter kits in the past, but always forgotten about them. One box we discovered in the barn just before we moved out of our first farm, I had left it there as it would have been the perfect place for them to grow, but after forgetting them something had made a nest in the box, rats probably, so at least it was useful for something!!

    I think I have a packet of onion seeds, I might have a go at growing my own sets too, thanks for the reminder.

  10. I grow chickpeas every year and put them in hanging baskets - they have such pretty little white flowers.
    I also 'sprout' them and the lentils and use in salads and baking.

  11. I will be really interested in seeing how the chickpeas and lentils grow.


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