Tuesday 16 June 2015

Got An Azada

I got myself an Azada otherwise known as a Digging Hoe
I got it because we are on really stony ground and digging with a standard spade is really hard going and you make very headway, you cannot get a spade in more than 2 inches.
I was watching Edwardian Farm on Sunday evening and they were showing a catalogue of tools that the Edwardian blacksmith would make one of the items was a Devon spade for digging stony ground, after a bit of research on the Internet I couldn't find one, the nearest I could get was a shovel, then I came across an Azada and it had great reviews so I thought it I would give it a go.
What can I say its BRILLIANT I am a convert never thought I would every substitute my stainless steel spade that I have had for over 20 years.
If you struggle with digging try one of these and its not expensive I paid £13.85 for it.

Now for something else I have got 
A man that can :-) 
I advertised for some-one locally to help with some ground clearing and other outdoor tasks, and I got Dale, a local young man who is keen to work I now have him on Tuesday's last week he did loads of strimming for me, today he cleared all this border
 and this one
there was also a tree in a border he took out for me.
Its now ready for me to pile on a load of Alpaca poo then I can get planting.
Having some-one to help out frees me up a bit to do other stuff and takes the pressure off Martin of having an ever growing list of things to do at the week-end.

Lentil Chickpea update
There growing
 Above is a Lentil
This is a Chickpea.

That's all folks :-)


  1. I got an azada for my birthday this year. For some jobs they are so useful. I won't be chucking my spade away just yet though!

  2. Never heard of an Azada....I might have to investigate on OH's behalf, he finds digging hard work nowadays.

  3. I have never heard of such a tool, but if it does the job it doesn't matter what it is called does it! I am glad that you have got Dale too, he will be a great help to you I am sure with so much to do and then you can relax and enjoy your weekends a little more I hope. Fascinated by the lentil and chickpea and looking forward to seeing more as they grow!! xx

  4. I will be watching the Chickpea progress avidly, I get through loads of them. The Digging Hoe looks like a good bit of kit, I do n ot have enough garden to make one earn it's place.

  5. I'm with Pam re the chickpeas .A really interesting experiement.

  6. Love experiments. Great tool, looks dangerous!

  7. Good idea to get someone in to help....we had to do that with the renovations on the house, and is costing us lots of money but the house is getting done, or rather, the downstairs is. But we need help with the farm, but think that we shall get students in via Helpex or some such other organisation. As for the chickpeas....they are looking good!

  8. That looks a little like a mattock (which I wield here) and also quite like the Herefordshire "hoe" I sold recently to friends who garden for a living. I should imagine it's just what you need and I sympathise, as we have the same teensy layer of soil, then clay if you're lucky, then bedrock. LOTS of FYM needed but now we don't have our horses any more, we are sans muck heap. A good idea to get someone in to help with the big jobs like that as there are only SO many hours in each day!

  9. Bet Martin is pleased with your extra help, place is looking good.


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