Thursday 11 June 2015

An Afternoon In The Barn

It was too hot and muggy to be outside this afternoon, I spent the time in the barn doing yet more unpacking, its almost a year since we moved and there are still boxes, I am fed up of going through them looking for something, These boxes are now unpacked
Martin can have a bonfire with the empty boxes
This is what I have done with the content's
These shelf units were on special offer at the garden centre, reduced from £29.99 to £9.99 I got half a dozen to get stuff organised in the barn, It was driving me nuts having everything scattered to all four corners and still in boxes.
I like having things together, on the left is a unit of all the BBQ and outdoor cooking stuff, next is all Martins home brew stuff, next is all bee keeping things then on the right is all the pots of paint.
I still have a few units to assemble  I can then get more stuff organised.

While I was in the barn I heard one of the rat traps go off, I thought I would check it later, and carried on with what I was doing, next I could hear something crashing and banging, upon investigation I found the rat that had been caught was not dead and dragging the trap around, Sol got all excited thinking it was some one to play with.
I grabbed the mallet and dispatched the said rat.
Its the time of year again for rats as they are cutting the fields  the rats are running for cover.
so we must get down poison and traps, although we do have traps down all year round.
We will have to up the anti.
We have storms forecast  I have put everything away and checked there is nothing that is going to be blowing around and keeping me awake, brought the logs in for the morning, took Sol for a long walk down the forest, he is now flaked out I am all showered and not far off ready for bed.
Hope you all stay safe in the storms.


  1. You had a really good day! Lots more stuff in the right place and organised, another bit of vermin dispatched and now you have battened down the hatches ready for whatever might come your way! You are such a capable woman - very impressive:)

  2. I can't stand rats, mice anything like that. I admire your gumption. It feels a little cooler on the Essex coast today but we do have storms due too. It would have been very hot yesterday had that easterly wind subsided just a little. The wind is driving me crazy looking forward to a good storm and down pour to swell the crops.

  3. Now, imagine having to keep all that stuff inside your house - that's what I have to do in this 'box' I live in ! I'm not a hoarder, I just don't have any storage, or space to put shelves or cupboards.

  4. Our big shed is just about getting organised, the little shed still has boxes :-(


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