Friday 19 June 2015

Setting The Fruit Free

The fruit garden has been a thorn in the side for me, I haven't spent time getting it sorted the fruit bushes were just plonked in the ground in spring and I got on with other things all the weeds grew up, occasionally I attempted to dig it and tame it but gave up too easily as the ground was so difficult to work with.
Here it is all overgrown and the fruit bushes have been competing with weeds
I set to work with my new tool
I cleared the Raspberry bed and cleared space to get the Autumn fruiting Raspberries that were given to me by fellow blogger Bovey Belle
I then got to work on clearing around the other fruit bushes and the Rhubarb 

I am continuing to work up to were the path edges are suppose to be the paths can then be strimmed up to the edge were they couldn't before as you could not see were the young fruit bushes were.
All the fruit here was cuttings I took from my original plants a year before moving, I need to keep them clear of weeds so they thrive, a fruit cage will be built over the whole area, and I still have to clear an area for the strawberries at the moment they are in containers in the poly tunnel they are sending out runners that I will plant up.

Now just to clear up something.
I received a message though my blog from another blogger who will remain nameless, the message went on to say I was a fake and don't really do all this stuff, they claimed that my husband is not really away working through the week and he is here doing all this work and I should stop pretending to be a superwoman and own up to being an everyday housewife.

I was pretty angry at reading this then went to feel hurt then just laughed, if people doubt how I live and what I do they have that right, everyone is entitled to there own views and opinions, I don't claim to be a superwoman and really do what I say I do and yes my husband is working away through the week, this is the life I have chosen and I consider myself as an everyday person. 
subject closed.

This was yesterdays post but unfortunately we lost our Internet there was a major fault in the area now I must catch up on what I missed being off line.


  1. What a ridiculous statement to make to you.....I don't know why anyone would want to pretend to be/do something they're not, they're bound to get found out eventually. Sorry it upset you, there are some strange people around.

    I showed OH your azada post, he was very interested as he plans on digging up part of the lawn to make another couple of raised beds. We've ordered one, it should arrive on Monday, so thanks for that.

  2. Just to say that I do as much as you do, that I am not a superwoman either, that it is the way of a smallholder to be busy, creative, and to do lots of things otherwise the smallholding would not be a smallholding. Dawn, you inspire me to keep going when I feel like collapsing in a heap, and thank you for that. Vx

  3. Some people just can't help being mean and nasty. Ignore them. They are not worth the upset they cause.

    Me - I certainly couldn't garden without RMan or our occasional labourer - our rock hard summer garden soil, plus my age, and back, just wouldn't allow / take it.

  4. How flaming rude...........they probably feel inadequate when reading how much work you do in a day.
    I read your blog every day and usually feel the need for a little lie down when I have read what you have been up to.
    You did right to to laugh.

  5. Well I can vouch for you being what you are, living where you live, and doing what you do. SO THERE idiot poster. There are always going to be people out there who are either jealous or just plain nasty stirrers - ignore them. They are living such a sad life if this is the only way they can get their kicks.

    As for the broadband outage. Oh dear - we lost ours too, and as we had a buzzing on the line (have done for months) I reported a fault. Openreach chap said line is OK, and buzzing from router. I hope we don't get the threatened bill for £129.99 - why couldn't they tell me there was a broadband outage? But then, it was India i was talking to (after Belfast . . .)

    Glad that the raspberries are in their permanent home - give them some alpaca poo and watch them go mad!

  6. You've certainly put the azada to good use, I think I could do with one of those for my allotment the state it's in at the moment. I can never understand why someone would make such silly comments about someone they've never met. Even if I thought something was far fetched I certainly wouldn't voice my opinions. Why do people want to cause others upset, embarrassment or hurt? It's beyond me. You know exactly what life you're leading and the work you're doing. If someone chooses to disbelieve what you write on your blog that's their problem, don't take it to heart, it's just laughable.

  7. I love reading what you do every day it makes me get out in the garden and get on with it. I always look for your post to read i live not too far from you and moved here from oxfordshire over 30 years ago my husband worked away coming home at weekends now has a local job.There will always be nasty spiteful people. Rose

  8. Oh go on Dawn - Name and Shame!
    What a weird thing to say, there are some strange people about, I'm glad you ended up laughing about it. When/if we eventually get to our quiet Hovel in the Hills in Wales I shall come and check up on you!! and cadge some alpaca poo too after you said it deters slugs it sounds ideal.

  9. Silly comments, after meeting you and Martin, all I can say is you are a jolly hard worker and a strong woman, which I like. You both have a plan and are working towards your goals, which you both deserve. As for silly comment like that, don't give them any thought. We can all spot the fakes on the net, and you ain't one of them. Nice work in your fruit garden,

  10. Some people need to learn to be quiet if they don't have anything constructive to say! How ridiculous - they have made themselves look utterly rude and unpleasant. I am VERY impressed with everything you do and love reading about it :) x

  11. Take no notice Dawn, it's obviously someone who lives a small life and feels inadequate when they read what a woman on her own can accomplish - I think you're more than capable to achieve anything you decide to put your mind to - you did the right thing by laughing at their silly statement xxx

  12. There's nowt as daft as folks. I have been and seen and come away thinking that i have just met Wonder Woman in disguise. The amount of work that you get through on your own during the week is phenomenal, and Martin works all week then comes home to work even harder. Let the twits think what they like, probably a townie couch potato who wouldn't know a good days work if they fell over it.

  13. Thank you for the comments they are appreciated, I am not going to name the person who sent the message there is nothing to be gained by it, its not some-one from my usual blogging circle and its a male or claims to be, I just wanted to bring it to light in case anyone else gets a similar message, There are always those out there who try to put people down for the lifestyle they chose to lead, I have broad shoulders and dont let it bother me. I like my lifestyle :-)

  14. I don't think anyone could honestly believe you don't do what you say, some people are just unpleasant and will say the thing they think most likely to get a raise. We all know you do all the things you blog about and that's what matters.

  15. I am so sorry that you have had to deal with this nastiness Dawn. I know what it is like to be on the receiving end of something like this and it is not pleasant at all. You are right to be upset, although I am very sorry of course that someone has done something to upset you. I think that you have been very honest on your blog about what you do, for example mentioning recently the person you have got in to help with some of the gardening. Now, I have to admit that I am amazed and in awe of how much you get done, but only because I wish that I had your energy to get on and go so much! I think that you are brilliant!!! Why anyone would do such a thing is beyond me. Just keep going and keep being great and keep growing unusual things and sharing them with us as I find it all fascinating - I really need to see more of that chickpea and the lentil!!! Oh and don't forget my sugar maples! Keep going, and really do not let the *"^)£^!&(£&^^"(")*"+ get you down because they are not worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am guessing that you are not the mushy kind, but I am sending you big girly supportive hugs!!!!! xx

  16. I can't believe that someone doesn't think you do all you say! That's madness! I bet if they got off their arse and stopped watching TV then they'd get a lot done as well! 15 hour days are standard here as I'm sure they are for you as well, you can get alot done in that time! I burn out some nights but htis time of year I try to spend as much time as I can working, its the way of life we've chosen and we embrace it! I say good on you, your one fo the ones that shows me I'm not totally nuts and others are like it!
    As for your fruit garden it still looks alot (and I mean alot) better than mine! today I went out and took the tops off the docks to stop them going to seed. I call it damage limitation!

  17. I just found your blog and I love it. So sorry that you had to deal with this idiot.

    God bless.

  18. I think you rock! Some people just can't handle how hard some people will work to achieve their dreams. I'm glad that you laughed it off. Not worth thinking about. Keep up the good work. Ranee (MN)

  19. I am sorry to hear that Dawn , but you did the right thing to shake it off! I really enjoy your blog .

  20. What an idiotic thing to say to you!! It makes me so mad.

    Trolling Bloggers are the lowest of the low, Ilona (from Life after Money) had to put up with one for a while and it turned out to be a very well known Blogger that a lot of us actually follow.

    Carry on with your blogging diary and yes I can vouch for a lot of us that live like this, we are not 'superwomen' just women who get off their arses and get on with things that need doing, and then record it on our blogs for posterity.


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